Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Happy Tuesday! It's a beautifully sunny and warm fall Michigan day and I am appreciating this slow and mild transition into fall around here.

 I haven't been doing much painting for clients anymore. I found that I was getting too busy and too old to squeeze those projects into my weekly work schedule.  I miss the satisfaction of an old piece of junk transforming right before my eyes, but I don't miss the stiff, sore back the following day/weeks/months ahead and I still get plenty of practice with prepping pieces for my booth. I bought this dresser below with good intentions to flip it, but Brecken desperately needed additional storage in her bedroom so as soon as it was dry, I hauled it up to her room where it is now crammed with socks, socks and more socks. :)
I threw several dryer sheets in each drawer and febreezed them before she moved stuff in, but it still has a rank smell of must, mold and dirt. Perfect for all her sport socks. Maybe I can get away with washing them less often. 

 I thought I'd try to the ombre look. It took some trial and error but I settled on the darkest greige color (bottom drawer) and lightened with white paint as I went up. I loved the hardware and kept that on for a nice finished mid-century modern look. 
 I've been at my booth lots in the past couple of weeks. There's tons of new items that I recently purchased from a neighborhood sale in which the homeowner was selling items that she previously had at an antique/consignment booth. She was going out of business (getting too old and injured as well) :) and I swept up lots of her treasures. I had a fun time visiting with her and comparing notes of 'being in the junk business'. Here are some pics of my booth below:
Only a couple of pallet pumpkins leftover from the 'patch batch' last year. Get 'em before they're picked!

 Found this beauty in town too, Needs some repair work done to the seat, but cover it with pillows, put it in a corner and it's an adorable addition to a nook or office corner. 

 Now, for the frequently played game of "I SPY". I snapped these this week Monday at Not So Shabby-so make sure you stop by sometime soon to spot these favorites and perhaps find a gift for someone or a must-have character piece for yourself.
(These are pics from random booths throughout the store):

A whole box of starfish! These were a great deal for a beach house. $4 each! 

As you can see, the store is stocked with lots of vintage furniture, architectural salvage, handmade items and gift ideas. Make sure to swing in soon. 
I've also still been having fun making custom sign orders for clients/friends. Keep me in mind for that too. Thanks so much for your continued support of my business. I appreciate you!

Next blog....farmhouse remodel pics! I got to snap pics this morning of a year long project that is wrapping up shortly...almost got choked up driving there for one of the last times this morning. It's been a fun one. Stay tuned... See you back here for that. 


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