Monday, July 10, 2017

Mid-Century Addition

Oh my word! It's been far too long! I haven't blogged since March! So much has happened since then. 

I have slowly adjusted to life without junking and now am aspiring to become minimalist! I have been listening to "The Minimalists" podcasts religiously and have been so inspired to travel light! I turned 49 yesterday and spent the early part of my birthday with my sister who is slowly dying from breast cancer. If you need a wake up call about areas in your life where you are feeling unfulfilled, spend some time with someone who is dying. My prayer is that her persistent faith persists in me long after she is gone. To steal a phrase from another author I have read, it has been "brutiful"-both brutal and beautiful. Holly was interviewed yesterday in church in front of the congregation and she talked about how surreal and odd it is to be dying among the living. I can't imagine the dichotomy. Painful. 
A part of my heart has been pulling away ever so slightly from her-perhaps to make the good-bye a little less painful, but I know this is me in self-protection mode. I know my soul at it's bravest, needs to enter in to all of the things. All of the hurt, the pain, the words that need to be said, the good-bye. Telling my brain that it will all be okay, hasn't managed to register yet. 

I didn't intend to put that all out there, but if Holly has taught me anything, it is that we can be honest about the difficult things and be okay with not being okay for a while.

Having freed up my schedule by no longer renting junking space at Not So Shabby, I have been able to focus more intently on helping clients create new spaces in their homes to play, live, entertain and rest. 

This was such a fun project that I was asked to help navigate. It was a mid-century modern addition that my friends and neighbors completed last month. The incredible Bouwkamp Builders Team did an exceptional job bringing Jeff and Rebecca's (he's really "Perk-Daddy" and she's "Beckles" to me, but I digress), dream to life. The front of their historic home is clad in Veneklaasen brick and leans toward an old world/shaker style. They wanted this new wing to be sleek, sophisticated and feel NOTHING like the front of the existing home and I'm pretty sure we achieved that. 

We were invited to an open house a few weekends ago, and I am not exaggerating to say that it felt like we were at an all-inclusive resort. It may have the been the bartender they hired for the evening and the unlimited food that was catered, and the state-of-the-art sound system, but the surroundings made it feel like we had left Z-town and were far from home-truly a resort destination without having to leave their own backyard-which is what they were going for. (I couldn't resist snapping some pics while it was all shiny new, so I apologize that the lighting wasn't the greatest at that time of the evening). 

I was so proud to be asked to help with this one, and LOVED working with these two-who by the way, got along with each other the entire time! I don't think I heard them squabble or disagree once! (And no judgement if they did, these projects are stressful!)
Jeff had such an amazing vision for the details in this wing, and I was really along for the confirmation or sometimes redirection. The best compliment I got that night of the open house was a friend of a friend that was there said, "I didn't know you could rock this style too"! (Most people think I prefer cottage or urban rustic styles), but the minimalist in me loves this simple, clean vibe. Jeff and Rebecca were so organized and loved to research (NOT my gift) so it made this process so enjoyable and truly a reflection of their posh style. We worked together with all the selections and the added benefit is that I'm their neighbor, so I get to reap the benefits of our efforts. :)
Please enjoy these pics and I promise I won't take so long to post again. Hope this finds you well and that you are enjoying this beautiful Michigan summer!