Tuesday, January 26, 2016

V's remodel and V-day in the booth!

 Hi Guys,

I only have a few minutes before I'm off to meet a new client but I wanted to show you the before and not-yet-completed after shots of a ranch style home that I had been helping with this past year. I first snapped the 'before' pics sometime in mid June and had the chance to go back over there for an accessory consult last week. I nosed my way in a few times in between for countertop, cabinet and flooring consults but this project was off to the races and seemed nearly wrapped up in no time at all. Of course, easy for me to speculate, when I'm not the one having to live in the mess during re-construction. 

I didn't get the greatest shots (before or after) and hope to be invited back for a final staging and photo shoot when wall art is hung, hardware is on and kitchen backsplash is installed. 

Ruth V., I loved working with your laid back self. Made me want to roll like you do. You're awesome!

We decided to flip out the new rug for something a little softer. She is on the hunt for that now. I am working on some custom wood wall art for above her sofa in this room and will get more angles soon. 

 I LOVED this flooring in the remodeled bath below. This was a special order item she selected from Carpet Bonanza. So cool in person! Paired with the rich espresso cabinets, it was beautiful! 
And I just had to snap a pic of this little fellow that she had. Cute little wreath that I want to try making on some Pinterest craft night. Looks like a grapevine wreath with various shades of felt/linen cut in leaf shapes. Too cute. 
Speaking of Pinterest night, myself, Kennedy and her future Mother and sis-n-law (kinda kidding-we're trusting the Lord on this one) got together last Friday night for a Pinterest night. A Grab your own projects to work on kinda night and come hang out and talk for 5 hours straight. Good times and productive. Which is always a bonus!
Here's the results of some of my labor:

 No, I didn't hand carve these bowls, but they are pretty cool, don't you think? I have one on my kitchen island with a mason jar candle and some pine cones in it for the season. Only three left. Grab one and some other Valentine's treasures today! Catch ya back here soon!


Monday, January 18, 2016

Quiet Monday update

On a sunny day with temps in the mid-40's last week, I posted on instagram that I was feeling in a spring like mood and started stocking the booth with some spring like items. Today, I am sitting in my home office with a space heater blowing directly on my fingers so I can type and a blizzard blowing outside my front window. 
We Michiganders can hardly complain this year. Our late start to winter was NOT under-appreciated by me and I have to admit I have had no problem hunkering down with some good books in the evening and enjoying some times of hibernation. 
In fact, my friend DC, just texted me 10 minutes ago to check in on me...."You ok? You've been awfully quiet". :) 
I love having friends that check in with me and as loud as I can be so much of the time, I am thankful for seasons in Michigan where it is okay to come inside and be quiet. 
This loudmouth needs it sometimes. 
Here are a few items in the booth and I am looking forward to a day tomorrow where I might even be able to squeeze in some time to make more product for upcoming Valentine's day. 

Also, just a head's up: Make sure you put February Thursday, Feb. 11 on the calendar. That will be our second annual "Deal with the Dealer Night" at Not So Shabby from 4-7. It's the only time of the year where Jackie (the owner) let's us negotiate and wheel and deal with pricing. 
I'm hoping to have the booth stocked with lots of treasures for that night so stay tuned for pics. 

Below was a custom sign I finished last week as a surprise for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Their small group from church ordered it. I felt a little awkward painting "4 Amazing Girls"-felt a little like bragging, but if the shoe fits.....
I love their small group and they had such a nice time celebrating an incredible milestone. 

Speaking of bragging, I have to brag about my daughter's boyfriend Cole for a minute. Oh, she would kill me if she knew I posted this, but seriously....how could I not? 
He surprised Brecken with this for Christmas this year. He made it in his wood shop class at school. 
I may have to commission him to make a few pieces in the booth this year. :)
 He also built this barnwood vanity for their new house! I may have to pay him to do some jobs around my house as well this spring! 

A couple of growth chart rulers back in stock:

I have been working on wrapping up some major house remodels this month and am starting several more. I will try to post some of the completed projects soon!
Stay warm!
Meet you back here soon!