Monday, March 20, 2017

Misc. Monday Musings

 For those of you with whom I'm Facebook friends, you've already seen this and other non-photogenic pics of my wonderful family lately. :0 We are weathering the storm of Holly's terminal cancer as best we can in spite of the unknown future, the consequences of chemo and the up and down emotions from a very emotional bunch. We have been emboldened by your prayers and support and would ask that you continue to pray that her quality of life would improve and for continued hope on the days that are difficult. I head this week on a podcast that hurting with hope still hurts. We are finding that to be true on this journey as well. 
In spite of some mixed emotions, I am still feeling good about my decision to retire my booth at the end of this month. Already I am experiencing some freedom in my schedule but must admit, while out shopping for a client this morning, I found my neck craning to spot the bargains that I might re-sell. I had to keep reminding myself that I don't need to look for that anymore...but it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. 
I am running huge sales and this week through Sunday the 26th, the entire booth will be 40% off. Next week Monday and Tuesday, everything will be 50% off and then Wednesday the 29th, Ken and I will empty it for good. 
We are excited though to be a part of the downtown Zeeland Fall Peddler's Market to empty our attic and Holly's storage area of her basement where we have stashed antique doors, windows, tables, furniture etc. for years. 
We are still more than happy to make custom sign orders (two of which you'll see below):

 This one was custom ordered for a client who just built a new home and she gave me permission to make another one to raffle off this weekend at our Zeeland Public Schools Hall of Fame athletic event.
 Just stopped at my booth this morning to find that this dresser had just sold. Things are moving out quickly so if you're interested in any items, please get there while the gettin's still good. 
I didn't see this large painted window either this morning which means that flew out the door the same day I brought it in. 

The large white pallet bench was sold as well and just moved out this morning. I brought the linen ottoman (below) in on Saturday and is a steal at 40% off. Needs a little bit of cleaning on the top (we can't do light linen in our house with two cats), but would make a great piece in place of a coffee table.

I am having fun on weekends cleaning out closets and paring down my wardrobe. I mentioned that my goal is to become minimalist in my approach to living and 'stuff' which is proving to be more difficult than I originally bargained for. :)
I have eliminated four totes of clothing and will be selling them this spring in our neighborhood garage sale. My target number for my wardrobe was 37 items but I can't get down below 50 tops and 15 bottoms at this point. I'll keep you posted. 
This (above) is only half of the pile I got rid of. I gave myself permission to go through Kennedy's closet too while she is in California. I'm sure I'll hear about that when she comes home in May. :)
Since this bottom pic was taken, I have purged even more. I am finding it very freeing to not have so many choices of what to wear every morning, although Brecken would rat me out and say that I still borrow her clothes from time to time, (which is true). 
And one last's a sneak peek of a downtown Zeeland home remodel that belongs to a friend of mine, Sarah. We have been having fun turning her historic home into an urban oasis. I can't wait to show you before/after pics of the main floor. We gutted this main floor bath down to the studs and added this amazing wallpaper. You should see the vanity and mirror! Stay tuned!