Monday, March 29, 2010

One Person's Junk....


These are just some little projects that I've been working on lately. I bought 8 different lamp bases with various shades that I'm recovering.(You can see in the above photo, I switched out the bell shade for a drum shade to recover).  My favorites lately are the bases that have glass accents on retro and fun! Stay tuned to see a matching pair that I'm hunting down the right fabric for. These two have been sold, but I'll have some more available soon.



I saw this amazing buffet table about a month ago at an area thrift store. They were asking what I thought was too much for it, but I really loved the piece. I had been waiting for it to come down in price. Finally, last week, they marked it down. I had just the right client for it and knew it would look fabulous with a coat of black paint.
Here's how it turned out. I would've kept it, but it wouldn't fit in our 90 year old bungalow!


What a Little Paint Can Do

Here is the 'after' shot of some metal sap buckets I had.  Two of them I had painted previously, and one was an unpainted galvanized finish. I sold them to a client that has a photography studio and she is going to use them to hold various 'props' for her photo shoots. I painted them three different accent colors that matched her space and then used a paint pen to label each bucket. They're going to be mounted directly to the wall with screws, hanging above a painted hutch in the space.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Antique Dresser and Storefront

Even though we can never get a very clear shot of the storefront window that I design downtown Zeeland, I wanted to show you each month some of the Holiday/Seasonal themes. This was the February display.I don't own the store, but I sure have fun making it look like I do! What looks like Christmas ornaments hanging are actually bulbs with hearts that I found at Ikea in January in the clearance room. The whole bag of them was $5.00. Those are hanging from the ceiling in front of a red rustic ladder that I hung vertically with the LOVE blocks and ice skates mounted on it.

The other window was a little more detailed.  I used a black/white and red theme with black and white photos I printed off the internet mounted on red and white antique doors.  I found really neat white glittered hydrangeas in Shipshewauna this winter that add a little sparkle. It's about time for me to put together a spring display so I'll post that in the next few weeks.

This rustic metal dresser I found at an antique store last fall. I intended to paint it right away, but actually grew to love the fact that it looked exactly like real wood, but was metal. I recently sold it to a client after I painted it black.  I guess I do like it better painted!

I love this black paint that I have been using consistantly for the last 10 years. It's a Benjamin Moore Product called "Ironclad Wood/Metal Enamel".  It is amazing!  It comes in a latex and oil-based version.  It goes on so smoothly and dries to a perfect satin sheen.  I have never used it to paint a metal piece this large, but it worked like a charm!   I was even able to distress the dresser to look aged.  I kinda wanted to keep it after all, but I'm glad it found a new home.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Playroom Table and Chairs

My friend Alison had a child sized table and chair set that she had when she was little.  Her aunt had painted it red with blue accents years ago, but Alison wanted it a bit more neutral to go with her newly finished bonus/playroom. She requested that it be painted all creamy white with tan fabric that she had left over from her kitchen project that we did a couple of years ago. I started sanding it all down and discovered that the red worn paint had a really nice patina that we would've lost had we painted it all white. 

With Alison's blessing, I left the top of the table the orignal red, (with a light brown layer of finishing wax over it).  I primed and painted the legs of the table and chairs creamy white and distressed them by sanding them a bit. The original seat covers were a blue vinyl,but instead of replacing them with the tan Sunbrella fabric, I re-covered them with an antique quilt. I am hoping her son Charlie isn't too upset with me for making it a little more 'girly', but I think it turned out to be a sweet, cottage-style look.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Letter bin Again

Well, I snagged my parent's letter holder last week to see if I could update it. I remembered it being oak and just like the other one I had posted.  I forgot that my Mom had painted it creamy white a while ago to match her kitchen cupboards.  I still had fun personalizing it for how my Dad uses it daily.

My Dad told me that he uses the top bin for "current" items, the middle bin for "pending" and the last for misc. I used one of my new fonts to label the bins accordingly and I mod-podged decorative paper on the back of each bin.  I distressed the edges with sandpaper and it was returned to it's proper place the next day, where it will proudly remain for the next 30 years. Love you Mom and Dad.

Here is another organizer that I took home from my neighbor's garage sale after it didn't sell.  It was plain oak.  I wish I had a picture of it before.  I painted it creamy white and wallpapered the back of it with vintage wallpaper that I bought from the Allegan Antique show this past summer. My neighbor, AJ was so mad when she saw the new look. I think she may have wanted it back. Look for it at next year's tag sale!