Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Antique Dresser and Storefront

Even though we can never get a very clear shot of the storefront window that I design downtown Zeeland, I wanted to show you each month some of the Holiday/Seasonal themes. This was the February display.I don't own the store, but I sure have fun making it look like I do! What looks like Christmas ornaments hanging are actually bulbs with hearts that I found at Ikea in January in the clearance room. The whole bag of them was $5.00. Those are hanging from the ceiling in front of a red rustic ladder that I hung vertically with the LOVE blocks and ice skates mounted on it.

The other window was a little more detailed.  I used a black/white and red theme with black and white photos I printed off the internet mounted on red and white antique doors.  I found really neat white glittered hydrangeas in Shipshewauna this winter that add a little sparkle. It's about time for me to put together a spring display so I'll post that in the next few weeks.

This rustic metal dresser I found at an antique store last fall. I intended to paint it right away, but actually grew to love the fact that it looked exactly like real wood, but was metal. I recently sold it to a client after I painted it black.  I guess I do like it better painted!

I love this black paint that I have been using consistantly for the last 10 years. It's a Benjamin Moore Product called "Ironclad Wood/Metal Enamel".  It is amazing!  It comes in a latex and oil-based version.  It goes on so smoothly and dries to a perfect satin sheen.  I have never used it to paint a metal piece this large, but it worked like a charm!   I was even able to distress the dresser to look aged.  I kinda wanted to keep it after all, but I'm glad it found a new home.


Kari Wieringa said...

Hey Aunt Christy -

Love the blog - I check it often :)

Also ironic enough, my goal today was to find a good black paint.I am debating painting my kitchen black. Would this be one you would use in a kitchen?

The Changing Room said...

Thanks for checking in! Clearly, I must not be checking back as faithfully as you. So sorry. Too busy painting stuff! I didn't use this black paint on my kitchen cabinets, only because I wanted more of a "matte" look on mine. I used an 'off-black' with a taupe base. This paint would be excellent though if you wanted a bit more shine.... very durable and easy to wipe down. I used it on my wainscot in the office and I like how it turned out.


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