Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Random Thoughts and Thankfulness

Random post today of assorted thoughts and thankfulness. 

I have been contentedly busy (new mantra for 2015 for me). Not feeling guilty when I have time/days off and not feeling overwhelmed when I've over-comitted myself.
I am learning to say no when I feel like my soul and spirit are dying a slow death inside of me.
I am learning to say yes (without guilt) to the things that feed my soul-
like weekly coffee dates with friends.
 Yes. I need that. 
And community.
And game nights with my teenage girls.
And movie nights with my husband.

I'm not sure if this side of Heaven, I'll be able to proclaim like my fave apostle Paul did, that he discovered  the beauty of what it meant to be content in any and every circumstance, but this year, it will be my goal and my heart's desire to try.
I am finding balance and it fits me just right. 
(Unlike this pair of skinny jeans that are fitting too snugly on my thighs as I type this).

We are still catching up with custom orders these past few weeks.  Thanks to all of you who keep thinking of fantastic Christmas gifts to give. I have lots of sign orders to fill and will be posting the latest here and on instagram.  Here are some pine benches that Ken made that coordinate with some farmstyle tables he made a month ago for clients.
 Here's Carmen's classic gray one:
-excuse the mess in the booth bench. (Another item of resolve....don't sweat the small stuff).
 And Debbi's shorter walnut stained one:

I've been having fun wrapping up some of the master bath remodels that I've been working on this fall.
This isn't one of 'em, but I had to show you this pic I snapped from a magazine of free standing tub underneath a window. Some of my clients have/had this exact configuration and I like how the windows are treated with a translucent frost that adds privacy but still allows light to penetrate.
Of course I also loved the drama of the drapes in a bath, which you don't see often as well, but I just might incorporate soon somewhere for someone.

 I just started hauling out a few Christmas decorations. I won't be over-doing it this year. I'm going for a white, wood and rustic look around here. Plus, our darling but curious kitty seems to think all the trimmings are toys.

 Here she is again below: Look close. She is so wishing she could chew on the ends of that candy cane. We now know the meaning behind the phrase "curiosity killed the cat". We are hoping she has 9 lives, 'cause we love this little stinker.
I was walking around UBU in Grandville yesterday with a client and spotted a basket of these wooden NOELs. 
Thought they were so cute and mentally 'pinned' that idea for next year's pirated Christmas crafts. :)

 Finally putting the paint brush down for a while other than signs and smaller projects. I recently painted the windows in my kitchen to coordinate with the ones I had done in our front parlor/living room. I love the depth and richer look and feel. Why didn't I do that years ago?
(sorry the lighting's so awful-I promise my walls aren't peach). 
We had so much fun a few weeks ago, visiting my old nephew Alex at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Ill. where he is a sophomore.

 They look like a bunch of goofs right here, but we loved the family time and are looking forward to more of it this Thursday for Thanksgiving!
On the way home that Saturday, we stopped in Chicago to spend the night and do a little shopping.  Ken had price lined a great hotel price and location and we felt so spoiled staying right on Michigan Ave. in a swanky historic hotel.
 S'cuse the "selfie"

 Super thankful to be healthy, reasonably happy, and striving my best to be holy. 
Love you guys. Thankful to have you in my life and my business. :)
Happy Thanksgiving!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

It's Beginning to look.....

Ugh! I had written a long post yesterday but my computer locked up and I lost it! 
You're welcome. :)

Anywho, I still wanted to post some pics of my booth from last weekend's Holiday Open House at Not So Shabby. There was a great turnout (thank you) but also great treasures left and new items will be added weekly. Check it out sometime. Maybe even today (Thursday). I'll be working from 11-3. Come say hi.
Although I won't fault you one bit for not wanting to hit the roads, what with this early Michigan winter white out happening today. 
Stay safe and warm. 
Be back here soon.

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