Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Where do I start? So much has happened since my last blog post. Many of you who I am friends with on Facebook have seen my updates regarding my youngest sister Holly and her recent diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer. 
Looking back and reading my last update on here (just a few short weeks prior to her discovery), I had posted that my hopes and prayer for 2017 would be to grow in my faith...

in light of Holly's health situation and her determination and ever present hope, my faith has indeed grown because of her and her witness to me already. 
She is tolerating chemotherapy quite well and has an amazing attitude and perseverance. So often we want to experience God's nearness, but if you're wired anything like me, we never want to suffer in order to have it. 
I am learning so much through my sister's struggle (oh, how I wish she didn't have to endure another trial), but it is teaching me things about this life and our future hope in eternal life...and that is changing me and my perspective.

All that being said and coupled with the fact that I find myself increasingly busy with my design work with clients, I have decided to retire from my booth at Not So Shabby. It's been such an incredible run and I am so grateful to Jackie Bordner, the owner for taking a risk and starting something new in downtown Zeeland, for mentoring me along the way, for modeling good business practices and for living out her faith in a way that gives me strength to look forward to what God has for me next. 

I have been with Not So Shabby since the start and it will be bittersweet to close this chapter of my life, but to be perfectly honest with you....I think I've burned myself out on JUNK. I love the satisfaction on seeing old pieces brought back to life, but I am ready for a clean garage, an empty attic, and some more margin in my life to spend with my loved ones. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me in this endeavor and for being faithful followers, junkers, shoppers, clients and friends. 

March will be my last month selling and I am offering deep discounts each week. Please be sure to check out some great deals....(I am bringing new items in every day). 

March 1-12 20% off
March 13-19 30% off
March 20-26 40% off
March 27-31 50% off

 Ken and I will still be peddling our wares occasionally and I will be at the downtown Zeeland Spring Peddler's Market selling lots of our items we have stored for years...old windows, shutters, doors, vintage furniture, linens,signs etc. 
May 27-don't miss it! Always a great market!

Here is a shot of our very first year in the original small storefront downtown Zeeland. 

 This is the second location (where the toy store is located today downtown Zeeland).
Above is a shot from a few weeks ago at our current location. 

I am looking forward to becoming a minimalist and am trying to talk Ken into living in one of those 'tiny houses' sometime in the future. He didn't bite on that one, but I won't give up trying. :)

Please continue to call for sign orders and any and all decorating needs. 

I've been busy with lots of projects...new construction, remodels, color consults, etc. 
I'm so thankful for that and for continued working relationships with clients and contractors. 
I will continue to post updates on this blog-both professionally and personally. 

Thank you for your continued prayers and well-wishes for my sister. This community is amazing and we are feeling the love! 

-The Boeverly Hillbillies....over and out.