Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Opening Day

Well, the big buzz last week in West Michigan was the opening of the new Home Goods store in Grand Rapids!

 I wasn't there on opening day, but I did have to drive over with my friend Kelli last week for a peek at what they had to offer. I could tell that some of you Chumps had beat me to the punch.  The shelves were picked over and pilfered through but I still managed to find a $40 lamp I love for my living room and a set of white coffee mugs (which I actually ended up returning 'cause I found bigger ones at World Market). 

The prices were incredible! We ended up drooling over a few pieces and as usual I thought of you Chumps as I walked through and snapped some pics of things I thought you'd like too! 
Here's a sampling of some of my faves:

Butcher Block Island that I could have incorporated in my own kitchen design last month.
A day late and a dollar short. 

Airplane print (in triplet) for a little boy's room

I'm a little biased with signs. I prefer the handmade variety, :) but this one I thought was great-style and saying.

Super long metal console/side table.
Need an urban space to pull this look off, but I thought it was unique.

Kelli and I both liked this one. Would be cute in a cottage kitchen.

Nautical vibe without being over-the-top nautical. :)

Weathered narrow console table. Great piece for an entry or large foyer.

LOVED these over-sized rustic framed mirrors
I'm always on the hunt for unique clocks for you Chumps.
This is seriously one of the largest mirrors I've ever seen. Which one of you Chumps has a spot for this in your foyer? Sorry, I should've had Kelli stand in front of it for you to get perspective. It was taller than I am, (which doesn't take much I know) but it was BIG!

And what do you Chumps think about my new wing back? I don't know, somehow I just don't know if the scale is right.  Wink Wink.
Kelli and I both agreed that we were a little disappointed by the lack of selection and small accessories. 

 Knowing that the TJ Maxx and Home Goods were now combined there, we expected to 'get the gimmies' and get 'em good, but we walked away with wallets still full and a sense of relief that we weren't tempted to buy half the store. 

We hadn't quite gotten our shopping fix so we headed to World Market in Grandville on our way back to Zeeland. 
More stuff from the "Stuff Mart":
 Rustic Wood and Metal Desk
All in all, a fun morning of browsing.  Let me know if I can offer you a fresh eye and new perspective this spring as you de-clutter,replace outdated furnishings, update with new ones, spring clean and edit your living spaces for a new season. I'm anxious to and lighten and brighten my interior spaces as well. It's just that time of year, isn't it?  Remember a little change goes a long way.
I'm here if you need me. (Actually, I'll be in Florida if you need me, but I'll be back soon and then I'm all yours)! 


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Super Sweet Stuff-at Not So Shabby

The sun is shining, I'm packing my bags for spring break this week and I even heard a robin chirp on my morning run today. Spring...it is a comin'! It won't be long now, Chumps.  We'll chat about spring decorating trends soon, but I wanted to share some pictures of items at Not So Shabby from my fellow vendors' booths. 

I worked two split four hour shifts these past two weeks and I forgot to tell ya!  I snapped some photos of some unique items there....(picture- taking strongly discouraged for the average shopper, but highly encouraged for the shameless vendor who wants to promote this amazing store).

  Lots of you are asking how I'm liking our new location...I'm not gonna lie. I miss Feelin' the Zeel downtown Zeeland just because it was so doggone convenient for me, but sales are great, you Chumps are as supportive as ever, and we get lots of traffic and stop in customers who just 'find us' over there. So, all in all, it's been pretty great. I'm working next on April 9 from 11-3, so stop by and let me see your pretty little faces. 

Here's some eye candy for you Chumps that haven't been there lately:

(Disclaimer: None of these are from my Room For Change booth. I thought I'd spotlight others today. Isn't that nice of me)? :)

This piece is at the store entrance-Jackie B's. handiwork

Pair of pins-from "Family Affair"

A couple of darling pigs-Rebel Reclaimed

Love this pillow from Rebel Reclaimed

Gotta get me some of these matchbooks. Great hostess gifts-Rebel Reclaimed

Tea towel from Karla's Place (booth).

I do love you Holland but I love Z-town more. :)
Some streets in Zeeland in my corner of the world-By Itch Design

Love these whimsical frames-Karla's Place

Such a presh table runner with ruffle from ReKnew.

Clock Occasional table from Shizzle Design

Lots of architectural salvage from Barn Sale Blondes

Michigan Map t.v. tray from "Between You & Me"
Don't know the names of these vendors booths, but check 'em out sometime and play a little game of accessory eye spy!

Iron gate would make a great focal point with pictures over a mantle at a beach house.

A cloche with a clock

Loved this farm style table just as it is.
Or paint one up just like it.
This vendor ain't afraid to say it like it is. You go girl.

Hand made pottery necklaces and lots of treasures here
Hand painted windows by Krista Arendsen

Okay, who doesn't have a spot for one of these? LoVe!

There's always a sign or two that hits a little too close to home. 
And this one's a keeper too. How many times have my sisters and I said this to each other? Too many to count.

Hope you liked the quick virtual 'walk through' of Not So Shabby. There's plenty more to look at, drool over and get inspired over for you own DIY project.  Stop in soon and check it out. 
Thanks for your continued support!
Have a great week!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cliff Notes


I'm still alive and kickin'! So sorry it's been forever since I've posted.  Don't have much time tonight either.  Gotta get my rest before meeting with lots of you this week.  Big day tomorrow with five appointments back to back. Usually Mondays are my painting days but what better way to spend the first day of the week than with you cheery Chumps?!

In case you were wondering what I've been up to, I promise I'm not sleeping the days away. Here's the cliff notes version of the life of an accidental decorator:

Demolishing our kitchen island:

Rebuilding our kitchen island:
 Distressing and staining our kitchen island:
 Tearing out our kitchen flooring:

 Replacing the  underlayment for our new kitchen flooring:

Installing our new bamboo kitchen flooring:
Helping you Chumps pick out your new kitchen flooring:

And your living room flooring:

 Celebrating Brecken's 13th Birthday:

 Watching Brecken's Basketball games:
Supporting Kennedy and her acting career:

Painting furniture. Painting more furniture. Painting even more furniture:
Celebrating my amazing Mom's 70th Birthday:

 Hanging out with these rug rats:

and trying not to get too frustrated that Spring hasn't sprung yet!

Sorry for the online scrapbook tonight but I wanted to give you valid reasons for my lack of updates! I hope you're keeping busy doing what you love too. 
I'm so blessed to be able to do life with you. 
See you back here soon. I promise.