Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

I've missed you my friends!  I have been a bit more faithful at posting quick instagram pics over lengthy blog posts, but I might want to flip that around soon. 
Every time I'm back here posting and penning more nonsense :) I feel a strong sense of connection to you Champs.
With these long Michigan winters, that's what we all need I think.
A sense of community. 
I find that here when I'm thinking about you as I type and sometimes gripe about life, home improvement and love

Speaking of love,  I'm getting all gushy in light of upcoming Valentine's Day!  In honor of all things "lovely", here are a few gift ideas for your significant other! Hubby, wife, kids, friend, Mom, Dad, brother, sis etc).
This particular stencil below i had cut years ago for Kennedy's room. It was painted on a long, narrow pine board but I thought I'd try it on our planked style sign. It worked. 
I think this one already sold at NSS but feel free to order it in custom colors. 
My friend Jackie custom ordered it to match the bedding in her teenage daughter's bedroom.  All she did was send me pics of the duvet and it changed it up completely. 
 I think I shared this one already but I just love working with barn wood and pallet board. Our supply is running low so as soon as the weather breaks, I anticipate a little dumpster diving in my future. 

Grouping that went to the booth last week.

I worked last Wednesday at Not So Shabby and had a chance to walk through and take pics of some of my favorite items from assorted booths. 
Time for another treasure hunt to see if you can spot these items next time you stroll through.

 These Pottery Barn barstools (below) in my booth were gone the first day I brought them in. That makes me happy. :) (and a little unsure if I priced them correctly)! Ha!

 I'll be there walking the floor and offering free hugs next week Wednesday, January 28 from 11-3 if you're on that side of town and want to swing in to say hi!
Stay warm Champs. 


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bath ideas