Friday, September 28, 2012

A "Pinteresting week" -Take 2

I promised you another "Pinterest" worthy post and here it is-in honor of my friends Karen and Tim.  True love story and one that makes me smile just thinking about it. They planned a beautiful "wedding celebration weekend" at a stunning beach house on Lake Michigan. They were married Friday, celebrated with family on Saturday and toasted with friends on Sunday. The setting, food, company, decorations and the couple were as close to perfect as you could get. 
Here's the walk through:
Upon arriving, you were instructed to 'sign the S'.  She had previously asked Ken and I to cut one for her after seeing the idea online, but I actually found one at my friend Randy's store and it was reasonably priced so she purchased it there. The only thing I can take credit for is the "Sale Family" sign.

Take note of the family portrait from Friday night's ceremony. The wedding attire coordinated with the interior of the Lake House. No trick was missed.

Taking a few steps forward toward the kitchen, you were asked to grab a glass mug (which had a "T and K" decal) and you could fill it with your drink of choice.  There were cardstock tags attached on which to write your name. These became functional wedding favors and fit in perfectly with the coral and teal blue color scheme.

Quick pit stop to use the restroom. Had to snap a photo. Do I have no shame? Sorry it's blurry but loved the hanging side pendant lights.
Everything was labled and every nook and cranny carried out the beach- themed vibe.

Check this one out. Veggie cups displayed on a window shutter. Of course I loved that!

This table was breathtaking. Burlap, glass, candles, creamy whites, soft blues, mason jars, starfish...."These are a few of my favorite things"!

Check out this table of  "Sweet Eats".  I may or may not have polished off that bowl of double dipped chocolate covered peanuts by afternoon's end.

Picture- Perfect Pinterest Picture (sans the stranger's elbow)
Only I would be wondering if the cottage's furnishings were for sale. The whole house was for sale but I didn't have that much cash with me that day to buy the whole thing. (WINK).
I think I drooled a little bit when I saw this pair.
I think I threw up a little in my mouth when I saw this view.
"Do not covet. Do not covet. Do not covet." I whispered silently to myself as I walked from room to room.
One might even be motivated to cook in a kitchen like this one?
Glance up in the top photo. Burlap decoupaged plates. I will be copying that ideas someday. Love it!
The food was as yummy as it looked.

Karen...I'm so glad that you're a "Changing Room Chump".That we have gotten to know one another these past few years and that you have found LOVE again.
Best wishes for a lifetime of health, love and happiness.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A "Pinteresting" Week!

Cheerio, I mean Chumps!  I am finally getting a chance to sit down and download pics of the Pinterest- worthy events I've attended these past two weeks!  I'll devote this blog today to honor Murphy's one year old "London Calling" birthday blow out bash and then post next time about the Pinterest-y wedding reception that was equally amazing.

Both friends are also " Room for Change Chumps" and while I have worked with them on their homes, I can't take any credit for their spectacular celebrations.  Nuts.

Murphy's London themed backyard Birthday party...where do I begin?
It all started with the hand delivered invitation a month before the big day.

My "faber" Abby has impeccable taste. In clothes. In house decor. In friends. (wink) So I knew that this party would be, let's just say, above average.
That's the understatement of the year.
Best. Birthday Bash. Ever.
I'll let the pictures do the talking....

Speechless? Yeah, I know. So was I.

Abs...even YOU outdid yourself. It was an incredible Pinterest- Perfect event!!

And although I tease you often about your maturity level (even at your young age) exceeding mine by a longshot, can I just tell you how glad I am that my 'babies' are beyond their themed birthday years? I would buckle under the "Pinterest Pressure" at my age. I don't think I'd survive it all.  I vaguely remember frosting twinkies in the shape of a sunflower for Kennedy's first birthday 14 years ago and that was an impressive feat back then!  Your energy, creativity, execution and organization were flawless. You just earned yourself the title of event coordinator for Team Centrennial! (Wait a minute...isn't that your job already)? No wonder you're so good at this)! :) Block Party is right around the're hired!
'til next timeChumps...Cheerio!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Mad about you.

If a picture paints a thousand words, this label paints my life lately. Ken saw this sitting on our kitchen counter on Saturday afternoon after I spent a long day of homecoming dress shopping with our 14 year old freshman daughter and literally laughed out loud in agreement. I was looking forward to sharing a glass with him later that evening but we both got a little manic and couldn't put the tools down on our office remodel long enough to sit! I'm excited to show you all the little changes we've made in our little house but it will be a few more posts before we pull it all together. Hopefully I don't go completely mad before it's all said and done.

Thought it was about that  time again to download pics from my cell phone and show you Chumps the cool things I've been seeing when I'm out and about. I'm always thinking about you Chumps even on my "days off". I guess you could say I'm mad about you!

You know my obsession with clocks, don'tcha? Here's one I found at World Market. Soooo presh. I think I gotta have it for my new office! Do you have a wall for one of these?
I liked this one too. A little more traditional in styling and would be great in a den or living room.
This red one's an oldie but a goodie. They have a similar style to this at Hobby Lobby but all of these were at World Market. Even though I haven't personally been big into red lately, I know a lot of you Chumps are. This is cute and cottage-y and would be fun paired with some light blue or robin's egg blue accents.
I think this one above is really similar to one I saw in the Pottery Barn catalog a while back. This quaint and aged looking clock would be great in an all white room that's layered with texture, not color. Muted greys, tans and creams.

Okay, how fun is this ampersand?
Sorry the photo is blurry but I love how unique and oversized this is. It would make a nice piece of wall art in an office with a photo collage of all your earthly travels.
This might be overkill all in the same room but I loved these letters that are adorned with maps. I snapped a pic. to remember to make these myself with paper mache letters from Hobby Lobby.
In a perfect world without dog and cat hair, spaghetti spills and budgets (wink) "Crusty" would snap up this settee and replace my dining chairs on one side. I loved the tufted button back and the light dusty grey upholstery.
Super cute rustic table I spotted for Ken to mimic when he has time to build me a 'homework' table for the basement.
I actually love the idea of this type of stool with the table above. I would've bought this one if there was another just like it, but it was clearanced out and the only one left. I did find a similar looking one for a client of mine at JC Penny online. $68 is a great deal btw for this one!

Another cute table for a small urban kitchen or a corner in a living room or lower level to be used as a game table. Don't love the chairs they paired it with but can picture it with  four parsons' chairsupholstered in a large graphic print.
A clearance item entry bench at World Market. Only one left. Great price I thought. Neutral in style.
Got my eye on these chairs for my new office!
Adorable lamp!!  Love the color. Love the style. Hobby Lobby. Wait 'til it goes half off. Foolish to ever buy anything there not on sale. :)
I love the ideas I've seen recently of repurposing pallets. We've done a few projects of our own using skids but I was uber impressed with this cutting edge designs spotted outside a great new coffee shop called 6eight at the Colonial Clock building in Zeeland. Check it out sometime soon. 
That's it for now Chumps. Check out my "Room For Change" FB page to see what I brought to my booth at Not So Shabby last week. Happy Fall to you!