Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Let there be light

I'm officially "over" winter! I'm literally bundled up in my knee length winter parka sitting in a cold metal chair in my front room/office.  These cinder block walls are frigid in this 100 year old bungalow but I am braving these harsh temps to meet with you Champs here and heat things up with talk of interior lighting. 

So many times clients are looking for inexpensive ways to breathe new life into a space and I usually turn to lighting fixtures as a way to do it. 

Here are some great design styles that work with a wide range of decors. I've been obsessed with pendant drum shade lights for several years already and am still not sick of the look. 
They add lots of character to a room and can push the style quotient further in a design direction (for example, making a traditional kitchen look a little more fresh or urban). 
I always tell clients that cute lighting fixtures are like adding cute earrings to complete an outfit. 

Check out the lighting choices below that can all be found at Joss & Main online. Great site for design inspiration and various accessory or furniture collections.

Take note of the table lamps below as well. Drum shades are still all the rage here, but paired with very simple, chunky bulb -like bases (which is another great way to bring color into a room). Or keep it subtle and classic with a mercury glass or clear glass base. Prices vary. 

I find most of my table lamps at Hobby Lobby. Wait 'til they're half off. They look like  exactly like the high end  ones that furniture stores carry. Trust me on this. 

You'll notice that I'm mixed in dining pendant lights, mini-pendants and table lamps. 
Happy browsing:
Radcliffe PendantWoven Pendant
Clark Pendant in Oil Rubbed BronzeClark Pendant in Brushed Steel
Bourges PendantCrestview Table LampConstance Table LampIron Lace 6-Light Chandelier

Barista PendantRazo Mini PendantFrontier Mini PendantDexter Table Lamp
Frontier PendantEllis Table LampDewdrop Metallic Table LampSpike Table LampAstoria 29" PendantSolaris 3-Light Pendant in BronzeTobin Mini Pendant in ClearMalibu Table LampRox Table LampMarrakech Table LampBardot Table LampJarrow Pendant


Monday, February 24, 2014

Winter Blues

"Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart"
-Victor Hugo

"Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey and enjoy every idle hour."
-John Boswell

"One kind word can warm three winter months."
-Japenese Proverb
 "I like cold gray winter days.  Days like these let you savor a bad mood."

or better yet:

"Winter is nature's way of saying, "Up Yours".  :)
-Robert Byrne

Trying to stay positive Champs! I'm even using a colored font...really getting desperate for something different!
I've shared with you that I've been less than motivated to work in our garage/workshop this winter. That being said, my inventory in the booth has been, shall we say, a bit 'stale' these gray gloomy months? 
Thanks for hanging in there with me and still frequenting "Not So Shabby".  Product is still moving and I appreciate your patience with me while I will myself to climb the attic steps and pull down some more hidden treasures. 
This past week, I did drop off a few new things and will be adding lots more in the next day or two. 

Tried out this stenciling technique on fabric. Worked like a charm. I came across this saying during a 'google search' for something else and it would be perfect for an anniversary gift for a couple who's celebrating some long, enduring years together. 

The sign was phrased, 
"Truly, Madly, Deeply"
      -since 1994 (insert wedding year).

Of course I couldn't add the year to this one, as I need it generic for you peeps, but that's the idea. 
Cool, huh?  Let me know if you ever need a custom anniversary gift like this. I'll try to make a mock up one to show you on wood. I'd make one for Ken and I, but you'd have to substitute "shaky, sketchy, weary" for "truly, madly, deeply".

Kidding! (only sometimes). :)
Cottage style taupe antique dresser would be a neutral piece for any room in your house. The middle drawer is a little jacked up, but hey-that's the price you pay for character!
I've posted this jar collection before, but I think I sold them short.  I made a set for my neighbor who was going to fill them with sand and votive candles this summer to be used on her dining table. 
What an encouraging reminder that beach days are near!

You could also use them to display items in a girls' bath or on a vanity.
Fill them with bobby pins, ribbon, hair band and q-tips. 
Or how about in a shabby chic office-for rubber bands, paper clips, pencils, etc?
(Marcia Stoel, I'm talking to you). :)
 A hot seller for Valentine's Day this year-LOVE.  I think we made 12 of them and they all sold but this lonely white one. Last one...get it before it's gone! I still have my own proudly displayed in my front window. Looks great on a mantle or hung in a master bedroom.
 Oldie but goodie. Can't keep these babies in stock. Classic wedding gift.
 Metal letters-Peace out Girlscout!
 Swiped this from Brecken's bedroom. Cute, antique wooden chair, painted a muted lime green. She used it to sit at her desk, but it would also look cute in a corner with a bright spring themed-[pppppppppppppppppp (kitty jumped on my keyboard) pillow!
 You can't see it so clearly in this pic below but I just brought in a cream colored cottage style coffee table. Super cute. Super cheap and a great transitional piece for any style home.
And who doesn't need a vintage oil can collection? 
 I scored big time! My generous neighbor knows good junk when he sees it. It's a gift really.  He's always cluing me in to roadside treasures (many times hauling them home for me-sight unseen) and he always nails it. He is a mason who was refacing a commercial building-of which these amazing metal letters were attached! IKR??!! Sooooo fun!!!
 I've got half a crate  full of them but for a limited time. I grabbed a few letters for my own home, that spelled out "Eat", "Run" and "Rest" but dig through the pile and see what you can come up with. Get 'em while the gettin's good. They won't last long.

 Glass Cloche- showcase any old treasure. 
 Countdown to Les Mis next weekend at the Civic Theater. I'm surprising Kennedy and taking her to her favorite show ever! She's watched the film version no less than 25 times. Another client and Les Mis fan ordered this to hang in a prominent spot in her kitchen. .(love you Rita)
 Intended this for Valentine's Day, but any day of the year would be a good reminder to tell your honey you're still nuts about him. (or to remind yourself that, yes, indeed you are).
 The sales tag fell off this weeks ago, and I never replaced it. Oops. I'll re-tag it when I'm there Thursday and just for you, mark it down to $35. Last one there. Hang it....anywhere. 
 Breck's old/new duvet cover from Ikea that didn't quite make it a year on her bed. I think she's gone through a duvet/bedspread/quilt for every year we've been here.  No judging please. They were all inexpensive or up-cycled from someone else! :)
Full size. two shams-clean and new looking-$35
Come visit me this Thursday at Not So Shabby. I'll be there roaming the aisles, fussing with my booth, helping customers and waiting to chat with you! Thursday, Feb. 27 from 11-3. 

Thanks again for your support of my business.  I luh u. (that's how the cool kids say it). 


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spring Inspiration

Champs, I have to do it. I have to rush spring along by posting pics of some outdoor vignettes and accessories.  Another snow day home with two teenage girls and too much technology makes me overly anxious for some time in the  great out- of -doors!!

Here are some of my 'go-to' sites for  items if you're experiencing that spring/summer decorating itch like me.

Grandin Road for rugs, outdoor furniture, planters and pillows.

Sail Away Outdoor Door MatCaspian Outdoor Throw Pillow
Jax Outdoor FurnitureMonaco Seating Collection
Luna Seating CollectionTerrazza Outdoor Seating Collection

 West Elm for these great sturdy outdoor pieces:Jardine Bar
Slatted Wood + Steel Ottoman
 Tillary Outdoor Modular Seating
Restoration Hardware  for towels, totes and inspiration!

Ummm...How cool are these collections?

Hope that gave you a brief reprieve from the all-consuming winter we've had. Let me know if you need help picking out some indoor/outdoor accessories or color selection for those four walls you've been staring at all winter! I'm here if you need me and i'll dig out of my driveway to meet you where you're at. In life and in decorating. :)

'til I'm back here to complain again....