Monday, May 17, 2010

My latest Venture-"Not So Shabby"!

Over the years, many of you have encouraged me to open a store to sell my products, furniture and accessories.  I've never been ready or willing to take the risk, but recently after some prayer and consideration, I 'stumbled' across the opportunity to 'rent' a space in a new store downtown Zeeland called "Not So Shabby". 
 Those of you who know me, know that I LOVE living downtown Zeeland and am all about "Feeling the Zeel".  These past three years living downtown, I've been involved in various committees that have encouraged growth in our downtown district and we've have been thrilled to see 10 new stores in the past year move onto Main Street. This latest addition was a perfect fit for my business.The store is called "Not So Shabby".  It's owned by the same wonderful lady that owns "Mainstreet Sweets"-(a fabulously fun candy store).  There are 7  booths, (and vendors) in this store, all of which have a uniquely different flair. There is a good mix of cottage style furniture and accessories, fine furnishings, household items, handmade crafts, vintage clothing and jewelry and much more! 

I've had so much fun already and the doors haven't even opened!  I wanted to invite you personally to browse around and shop before our official "Grand Opening".  We are opening this Wednesday, May 19 at 10:00. Our Grand Opening will be scheduled for mid-June. More details to come.  
Please come support some local artisans in bringing you reasonably priced, one- of- a- kind items.  The store is located at 152 Mainstreet on the south side of the road, to the left of Mainstreet Sweets. 
Take a peek at the pictures below of some of the treasures you'll find there!! 

These are some photos of my space in the store. I am the second booth to the left as you walk in the front.  Please feel free to spread the word and pass on this news and blog to other fans of Room for Change!Remember, this is a place where a "little change goes a long way"!  Thanks for always encouraging me personally and professionally.  I'll keep you posted!!



So, remember the little kid's table and chair set that I blogged about a while ago?  Well, my friend Ally had this child's kitchen set in her bonus room and it was looking pretty shabby next to the newly painted table and chairs, so it too was brought back to life with a few coats of creamy white paint.

These lamps were the ones that I mentioned in a previous blog.  I purchased them from an antique store in Douglas and paid more than I usually would, but I loved the bases. They came without shades. I bought these shades with another set of lamps, (that were not cute enough to repurpose).  I covered the shades, but didn't have to paint the bases. I loved the style and look as they were.

I used a damask fabric that I ran sideways around the shade. I think it's an elegant, yet retro look.  I'll have a hard time parting with these.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Feel The Zeel!

I wanted to show you a few pictures of a fabulous house down the street from ours.  It belongs to my good friend and amazing city marketing director, Abby.  Not only has she done incredible things for our fair city, (Feel the Zeel, people!)  but she has a fabulous sense of style! Her house is going to be in the spring parade of homes and the Zeeland Historical Home Tour this year. You won't want to miss it! 
She hired me to help with colors when she was remodeling this 'diamond in the rough' but that's pretty much all the help she needed from me. She has great taste!  My daughters already asked if they could buy it from her when they get older!

I can't tell if this is "York" or "Finn" but regardless, they're both pretty cute!  Check out the fun barn style doors painted blue in the background. One is an entry to a walk-in closet, the other to her master bath. 

She finds so many treasures at flea markets and antique stores. We did a rusty orange color for her laundry room, which ties in the shade/theme of her vintage settee that we had re-upholstered in her living room. You can check out more pics in the 'spaces' section of my website.  You should have seen this house before she and her husband bought it. It had been a run-down rental for years.  "Team Centrennial" is grateful for another house that's been brought back to life!  Feel the Zeel!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Odds and Ends

This table I found a few weekends ago at an Antique Store in Saugatuck. I fell in love with the 'lines' of it-aren't the legs cool?  I almost didn't dare ask the price of it because everything in that place was pricey.  The guy told me that he bought these from the Harry Carry's restaurant in Chicago.  I ended up getting a pretty good deal on it, and might be able to get my hands on more.  If you're interested in buying one, let me know.  I painted this one black, but I could do any color. They're too beat up to leave as is. It would make a great desk for a home office.

From this shot it looks like the wings of the table tilt down. They really don't.  I could drop those side leaves down permanantly if someone needs it smaller.

This is the desk I'm currently using in my living room as a work space. I have two parson's chairs that face each other usually so both girls can be using laptops. We do have a small home office in the front of the house, but I find that everyone wants to be near the action in the kitchen.  I found this table at an antique shop in Holland. All I had to do was stain the top.

These plain white kitchen canisters I found at a second hand store.  I bought the set with the intention of selling them, but I like how they look on my shelves.  I painted the words on with a paint marker.  They are all for looks. I use my sugar and flour too much to be reaching up that often and worrying about breaking the ceramic.  Form before function I guess!