Monday, May 10, 2010

Feel The Zeel!

I wanted to show you a few pictures of a fabulous house down the street from ours.  It belongs to my good friend and amazing city marketing director, Abby.  Not only has she done incredible things for our fair city, (Feel the Zeel, people!)  but she has a fabulous sense of style! Her house is going to be in the spring parade of homes and the Zeeland Historical Home Tour this year. You won't want to miss it! 
She hired me to help with colors when she was remodeling this 'diamond in the rough' but that's pretty much all the help she needed from me. She has great taste!  My daughters already asked if they could buy it from her when they get older!

I can't tell if this is "York" or "Finn" but regardless, they're both pretty cute!  Check out the fun barn style doors painted blue in the background. One is an entry to a walk-in closet, the other to her master bath. 

She finds so many treasures at flea markets and antique stores. We did a rusty orange color for her laundry room, which ties in the shade/theme of her vintage settee that we had re-upholstered in her living room. You can check out more pics in the 'spaces' section of my website.  You should have seen this house before she and her husband bought it. It had been a run-down rental for years.  "Team Centrennial" is grateful for another house that's been brought back to life!  Feel the Zeel!


new deRoo home--312 e. Central Avenue said...

Christy, what an honor to be featured in your blog! York was excited for the exposure too! He's such a show off! :)

The Changing Room said...

Tell Finn that he'll be featured next when we get your parlor photo ready!

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