Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Upcoming Events

Hi Champs! Just a head's up regarding some fun Room For Change happenings in the next few months.
This Thursday night, March 26 from 6-8-Not So Shabby is hosting a "Deal with the Dealers" night. 
This is the first and only time we have ever promoted a store wide night of price haggling and bargaining. 
I will try to be on my best behavior and wheel and deal with the best of 'em-I'm sure I'm a better bargain hunter/shopper than a bargain giving dealer but I'll try!

If you've had your eye on something and didn't have it in you to pay full price, well, Thursday's the night you'll want to be there.
Even if you're not looking to buy, come in to say hi!
I'll be there from 6-8 ready to deal!

Still having fun making pallet and barn wood signs. Will have plenty of those on hand and am always up for custom orders.

In Stock:
 Custom Order:
Custom Order:

Custom Order:
 In Stock items below:

(Personal) Custom Order:
 Custom Order:

Mark your calendars also for downtown Zeeland's 2nd Annual Spring Peddler's Market!
May 16 from 9-2. 
We had so much fun doing the spring and fall shows last year.  
Seriously, Kari Van Dorp and Abby DeRoo know how to throw a party. 
Don't miss out on the fun!
Stay tuned for more Peddler's posts.
You can check out more details on FB at "Zeeland Peddler's Market."


Monday, March 16, 2015

The Otteman Oasis-Master Bath Remodel

 Great news, Champs! After a long, exhausting couple of weeks, my dad is on the mend. (See last blog post).  We are so thankful for the doctor's expertise, the wonderful nursing care he received at Meijer Heart in GR and God's providence throughout Dad's open heart procedure. 
I got to spend the morning babysitting him today-(running errands with him and making sure he stays out of trouble) and I was so encouraged by his much needed and much desired improvement. Thanks to those that prayed!

Now, back to business:
I have been chomping at the bit to be able to post this master bath transformation and tonight's the night!

I know I say this often, but this was such a fun and rewarding one!!

Shout out to my main man on the job-Andy Otteman-who not only was the faithful foreman, pleasant project manager and persistent online purchaser, but also modeled to me (and my family) what it looks like to persevere under pressure.  

In the middle of this quite major master bedroom/bath remodel, Andy discovered he had a tumor on his pituitary gland.  After emergency surgery and a lengthy recovery, with one eye in a patch, and the other on this project, we got 'er done!! 

Breathing a sigh of relief for his continued healing and that he and his lovely wife, Sabina can finally enjoy their updated oasis.



He kept his eye on the prize, and:

We are so thrilled with the look and functionality (I say, 'we' like it's my bathroom too now)! :)

There were several things Andy and Sabina had requested before the remodel began...they wanted a vanity for Sabina and a larger, more spacious feel to the room.  We began by replicating a vanity layout that I had spotted online that would give them closed door storage and a center vanity for Sabina.(Center ottoman was on order for the Otteman's after this pic was snapped). :)

We called in Greg Steenwyk from Countryside Builders for the demo and rebuild, and used Marty Hulst from IC Designs (downtown Zeeland) for the custom built vanity.  Duca Stone and Tile didn't disappoint once again when it came to Quartz, Tile and Flooring.
My go-to painter, Jon Sterk did an amazing job of pulling it all together with a soft new creamy white trim paint to match the vanity and a soft blue/green rain color that Andy and I settled on after testing a few swatches.

Andy and I were pretty much on the same page with all elements in the room and it was so fun to work with the husband (does that sound creepy?) instead of the wife on a project for once. Homeowner husbands can sometimes be hard ones to win over, but lately, I'm encountering many more who are spearheading the transformations. Sabina was super easy going about the selections we were making and of course had her say in decisions along the way.

Andy ran with every directive that was made. He would pull me in every couple of weeks for approval/direction and then dutifully completed his 'homework' before our next review. 

Here are some more before/after pics:

We even moved the shower, toilet and closets to open up the footprint of the room.
Shower went clear across the room to open up space for the toilet. 
Water closet that held the toilet became Andy's new walk-in closet.
They now have his/hers closets.
This angled corner shower was removed and became this:
(still looking for wall art and a floor mirror).
 The 'wood' flooring is actually tile (and if I remember correctly, has heat pads underneath).
This blurry image below was where the toilet was. 
I don't have a shot of Andy's new closet, but it's in this small room.
He had a closet system installed to maximize storage and it looks great!

Here are some shots of the brand new walk in shower and linen:

Quartz Counter:

This is tile!

The master bedroom wasn't quite as ambitious of a make-over as the bath, but still nothing to sneeze at. Walls were repainted, headboard, duvet, pillows, nightstands, and lamps were purchased. Hardware was replaced on dresser and armoire. Family heirloom chair was reupholstered and the room was re-carpeted.


I think this is the only 'before' pic I have of the corner reading chair that we recovered:
Andy, I know you're reading this.  You're a faithful Room for Change supporter and friend. 
You're a mentor extraordinaire and just an all around nice guy. Thanks for the privilege of allowing me to work with you and Sabina and for the additional referrals you've given me lately as well. 

See you around town!


Monday, March 2, 2015

Prayers for "Pata"



That's our family's prayer this week for our cajun Pata, (A.K.A my amazing Dad) who just found out two weeks ago that he it was imperative that he have open heart surgery.
If it seems I've dropped off the face of this blog, well it kind of feels like I have.
I have such good intentions of posting, and somehow, LIFE manages to get in the way.

He is slated for surgery in GR tomorrow morning (Tuesday) at 7:30 and if God brings him to mind, would you be willing to lift him up in prayer?

Every time I open up my Bible during my quiet times these past few months, Brecken's kitty, Grace jumps up, has to touch the pages and immediately falls asleep. I am using this visual this week to remind myself that we can rest in God's promises and not be overwhelmed with worry or fear. 

 In spite of Dad's news and a few other unexpected health issues in our extended family this past week, I have managed to get a bit of work done. 
Nothing earth shattering, but I am breathing a little easier wrapping up some long term client projects from the fall.

Furniture has been purchased:
Master Bath tile has been selected and installed:

 Signs have been custom painted and hung:
Rooms have been remodeled and repurposed:

 Booth has been stuffed and staged:

Some new selections have been made:

 Pieces have been decided on and delivered:

 Research has been done and documented:

Clients were talked into new kitchen flooring:
 Clients were talked out of replacing their flooring:
Potential Pieces were found & Pictures were snapped and sent:
 On-site visits were made-mid project.

 And life rolls on. 

So grateful for the sunshine today and things to keep me busy. 
Even more grateful that in spite of the stress of surgery, I get to spend some desperately needed time with my sisters, parents and nieces and nephews.

I am anxious to show you some more master bath remodels that were recently wrapped up, but that's for another day. 
Happy Monday and thanks in advance for your prayers.