Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring Almost Sprung

 Bunny Pillow
So sorry Chumps for all my whining about the weather!  I am happy to report that the sun is shining in Zeeland, Michigan today and all is well in my world. 

And with the benefit of sunshine, I thought it wouldn't hurt to get a jump start on some spring fling items to freshen up our interior spaces this time of year. I  swiped some great items from Joss & Main, one of my favorite sites for home decor collections. The link is at the bottom of this post. The bunny pillow above would look adorbs on just about any style sofa for spring. 

I'm still hooked on this geometric pattern found on this rug below. Fresh aqua makes it extra yummy!

Adele 8' x 10'  Rug

Pair that rug with this vintage french inspired pillow and you've got a design direction for your spring infused room.

Provence Pillow I
I think it's so crazy how design trends emerge and then fade away.  For some crazy reason, mustaches, birds, owls, and cupcakes have been a hit this past year.  I see them lasting for just a bit longer, so jump on that trend while it's still around and order this cupcake pillow for your little girls room or a playful addition to a playroom or sunporch.
Cupcake Pillow
Flight of Fancy PillowCupcake Silhouette Pillow I like the softer hue of this rug.  Can you picture it in a baby girl's nursery paired with lots of white ruffles? Or for a more urban look, pair it with black or grays.
Gia Rug in Blue
These tea towels are really popular right now.  I love these-just in time for Easter and spring!
Nest Tea Towel

Squirrel Tea Towel
Another neutral  but "makes a statement", rug.

Petra Rug
Owl Pillow
Can't be on trend without an owl roosting somewhere in your nest!
And some more 'spring-a-licious' finds:
White Daisy PillowPair of Pears RugOrange Gerbera PillowBicycle PillowBirdcage Pillow
Bicycle Tea Towel

Check out the Joss & Main collections sometime.  Every day is a new event. 

Love the bike motif!  Makes me want to head out there for a spin today.  It won't be long now.  Hang in there Chumps! Spring is almost here!  


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Snowed in and Searching for Sun

There's an old jingle that goes something like "Rain, rain, go away. Come again some other day".  Do you think there's one out there about SNOW??  I'm plenty sick of it and judging from some of your facebook posts, you are too. 
How did my girlies and I celebrate another Michigan "Snow Day" off from school? 
Movie Marathon number 2! 
They've watched Jim Carey's movie, "Yes Man" a ridiculous number of times these past few weeks.It's their all time favorite movie. I don't get it, but in honor of that I thought I would post a pic of my girls staging a scene from that movie in the exact location in L.A. where it was shot...the Griffith Observatory when we traveled out west this summer. I know I've got you curious now and you're just gonna have to watch it. Not a complete waste of time but don't say I didn't warn you. 

And while I was cutting stencils for signs today, I couldn't resist sitting down with them to watch MY all time favorite movie, "Bounce".  It's an oldie but goody and it's when I first fell in love with Ben Affleck.  It also brought back memories of our trip to California and walking on Venice Beach where we literally stumbled on the exact house they used for the movie!  (See below)
Now you have some movie suggestions for the next time you're snowed in, which may be tomorrow. :)
Enough nonsense for now.  I'll try to stay focused even though my brain has turned to movie watching mush.
A couple of months ago I was asked if "Room for Change" would be willing to make or refurbish a piece of furniture to support a fundraising auction that donated the proceeds to our local schools' athletic department. I said of course I would and then did what I typically do...pawned the whole thing off on "too-nice-to-say-no- husband". :)
We have oodles of shutter doors and windows in our attic storage so I immediately googled some pics of some ideas in re purposing them. 
I found a picture of a small scale piece that I felt wouldn't restrict any potential buyer from purchasing it, so that's what we built. 
Here's the "before" of the unfinished piece after Ken built a cabinet around the garage sale purchased doors.
I actually didn't mind the stain color all that much and considered just painting the box a creamy white with a dark glaze, but I saw this paint technique online and wanted to try my hand at this.

This is the donated piece.  A wonderful Chump I've worked with in the past bid on it and won it that night! She has it in her laundry room and when she had me over the other day to pick paint colors for her half bath, I got to see it in place. (Which I'm grateful for, because I never snapped an "after" pic of it before I donated it).
Again, "BEFORE"

One more "AFTER":
 As you can see, I was pretty random with the colors I used on the piece. Each side was painted a different color that was muted over with a light brown stain. The edges of the front doors I painted cream and while it was still wet I dragged a stain brush with walnut stain over them to darken them.  Each shutter plank, I used a mix of light washed out looking paint. (All of which I had already in my cupboard).
Not gonna lie. This one took a while. 
I was super flattered when Chump Lisa told me that she liked it so much she didn't want to leave it in the laundry and she's trying to make it work center stage in the living room/entry. 
Made me feel like my time was valued. Thanks for bidding on it Lisa!

This piece below I inherited from my neighbor who was remodeling upstairs and couldn't see it working with her new decor. 
 Just used my tried and true "Ivory White" to bring it back to life and once again, be neutral enough for the Chumps who shop my booth at Not So Shabby to be able to find a home for it. 
 This one I would like to say came from Ken's workshop, but it was actually constructed by a contractor who is working on my other neighbor's bathroom remodel.  My 'fabors' asked me to paint it black for them.  It will be outfitted with a granite countertop and used as their vanity. I thought the style of it was just beautiful. 
 (Sorry about the spots on the photo, my camera does that with dark pieces).

 And one more sneak peek at my mini kitchen remodel  before I got out the paintbrush.  New doors are mounted, primed, painted and hardware hung.  I am waiting on my new bamboo flooring! Can I get a woot-woot?

Island is getting torn out this weekend. 

 Stay tuned.
And if you don't mind indulging me a minute,  I just have to relive my trip to sunny California one more time before I go out to shovel snow: 
"Wish we all could be California girls"....
 Santa Monica
Laguna Beach
 San Diego
La Jolla 

Looking back at these pics, it's hard to remember being so stifling hot you could hardly breathe. 
I'm typing this now with a heater blasting my back while trying to warm my typing fingers with my warm breath. 
Oh Mr. Sun...please come visit soon. 
Stay warm Chumps. 


Monday, February 11, 2013

This and That again

Time to download pics from the iphone camera today. 

The balloons and makeshift bouquet were were what I came home to after a long "You're No Fun, Mom" kind of snow day.  After hearing that several dozen times that day, I opted to schedule a few appointments that evening with you Chumps so I could spend time with the people who love me and think I'm kinda fun or at least pretend they do! :)

I think the girls could tell that I left with hurt feelings and a little resentment (was it the squealing of the tires backing out of the driveway that did it)? 
Anway...upon returning home a few hours later, this is what I found on the kitchen island.

 Of course all was forgiven immediately.  
Another snow day today in wintry Michigan and my friend Debbi said it best on her status update on FB, calling today "Mental Shift Monday".  
And that's what we did around here. Made a mental shift and kept a safe distance from each other.  :)
"Snowy Days and Mondays always get me down". 
Anyway, back to business:
Here's some more random pics on the iphone to once again remind you that I am thinking about you and your projects while I'm out and about. Last week I worked my one day a month at Not So Shabby and saw so many cute things in other vendors' booths. Here's a sampling:

Pillows for Rebecca: (From Karen's booth at "Encore Designs".
An amazing teal buffet in Rebel Reclaimed Booth for Ann's craft room :
A table runner for Deb-Cat. (Not sure whose booth, but look for the vertical striped walls).
Rustic Hanger Hooks for Lisa's laundry room:
A paint-able gem for Jamie's dining area:
A shabby chic window for Ruth's cottage project:
Of course I get selfish and think of me, myself and I from time to time and snapped a pic of this table from Hegg's that I thought would look great in our back living area:
The linen covered chairs are really what make it so great in my mind!

 And more shopping for you Chumps.  I love my job:
Back splash tile possibilities for Michelle:
(sorry, not much of this style left...don't bother to look for more). Shoot! Great price though!
Love this style and how neutral it is. 

More pillows and lamps that I could find a home for-for just about any Chump:
TJ Maxx:
And sweet drum shades with some great choices for bases at Lowe's. 
And last but not least...when I started snapping pics at Lowe's, I noticed that all the screen showed was bright orange. I had dropped my phone at a client's house that morning and thought for sure that I broke it somehow. 
I kept snapping. Kept showing orange. Kept snapping. Showing orange. 
Then vented by texting Debcat that my phone was broken and how will I survive without the camera app??!!
Suddenly it dawned on me. When I dropped my phone, I had replaced the phone cover over the camera lens and it was snapping a picture each time of my phone case. 

And as Ken so lovingly reminds me when I tell him stories like this, Madonna's "Blonde Ambition Tour" from the 90's continues. :)

And one more thing:
My mini kitchen remodel is progressing. Here's a sneak peek of the cabinet transformation:
Just ordered this "Warm Chocolate" Bamboo flooring this morning:
Hip Hip Hooray!
And need to unload this granite island counter top.
(That's my pendant light's reflection on the surface).
We're gonna "Craigslist" it, but thought I'd put it out there for you lovely Chumps first.

4 ft x 32 inches
$300 or best offer.
A solid surface counter for this size island would cost $700. I just priced it out. Ouch.
Doesn't come with the cabinet below it. We think that will get chopped to pieces when we have to remove it next week. Email me if you know someone who this might work for.
Stay warm and drive safe!