Monday, September 30, 2013

(work) Shop Talk

I've been spending lots of time in my garage this fall and am so grateful that we are getting spoiled with this Indian summer.  The temps here in Michigan have been soaring into the 80's and this week looks promising as well.  I even got motivated to paint all the cupboards in my garage/workshop the other day and can't wait to post pics of the transformation.  Still have lots of  clean up to do in there but it felt good to roll over all the paint splatters, scuffs and ,marks that 7 years of projects will leave behind.

Here's a simple, sturdy dresser I bought from a garage sale last month in Allegan when we were heading down to the monthly antique show. I can't even remember what I paid for it, but I got it cheap enough that I knew I could flip it fairly quickly.  The knobs were in good shape and nothing on it needed repair or replacing. 
(I snapped the pic after I had taken off the two top knobs). :)
 I removed all the handles and sanded the piece down with my orbital sander and gave it two coats of stain blocking primer. I then found this color paint that I had purchased from a friend last year when they had excess from a kitchen remodel they had completed. It's a Benjamin Moore color called 'Kingsport Gray". It's a tan with gray undertones.
I loved how subtle the color was, but with the simplicity of the drawer style, I thought it would be fun to jazz it up with a design. I had just used this particular stencil on a sign I made last week, so I hauled that out and stenciled over just the drawer fronts with a soft white paint (antique white). 
 What a dramatic difference, huh? As you can see, I already took it to the booth last week. I'll find out tomorrow if it's sold. Always fun to see what's hot and what's not when I stop in there.
Here's the custom sign I made for a client with that same stencil pattern. (Which BTW, you can purchase for $17 at Hobby Lobby. The colors below are much softer (a dark cream and light cream paint to give it a tone -on- tone look).

 This is another item that was in bad shape and in need of a face lift. It's a sauder type console table probably originally from Target that I spotted at a garage sale.  The homeowner who was selling it was willing to take whatever I offered. I thought I'd offend her at $5 but she gladly and a little over zealously I thought, accepted. 
Ken and I chuckled as we hauled the piece of junk to the back of the van. What we hadn't seen when we were wheeling and dealing was the top of the piece. She had it covered with purses and trinkets.  As soon as we took the items off the top, we could see that the wood veneer was badly pitted and pock marked.  No turning back now...we couldn't take back the offer or the $5. This gem was ours. 
This photo is after I had sanded all the lumps and measles off the top and given it a coat of primer.  Can you still see the imperfections though?
I spotted a stack of barn boards in the garage up against the wall and asked Ken what he thought if we mounted them to the top of the piece? He thought I was cray-cray, but dutifully did as I asked. 
 Problem solved.
 I painted the base with that same Kingsport Gray color for a nice organic look and added a vintage glass knob. It's yours for the taking at NSS if it's still there. Brought it in last week.

This one was a client's shaker style piece that she wanted to be given a two tone look. Cream bottom. Dark top. 
Her wish was my command. 

 Same song, second verse. Same as the first.

 I had fun working on some accessories for the booth as well.  These letter blocks I purchased on clearance last month from Joanne's Fabrics and knew I'd have fun transforming them to look like vintage ink stamps.

 I spray painted the letters with a bronze metallic spray paint, stained the blocks of wood walnut, and then dry brushed over the letters again with black paint.

 Here's how they turned out:
Well, that's all the junkin' for tonight. I'll leave you with this thought. Custom sign I finished last week:


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bloomin' on Blue Star

To all you fall-lovin' Champs...
please find time sometime this weekend when temps should be hovering in the high 70's to pop by this best keep secret in saugatuck.
Bloomin' on Blue Star
it's on the left side of Blue Star Highway as you're heading toward douglas.
i stopped by last week to shop for my daughter's homecoming dress of all things and couldn't resist strolling the grounds and snapping some shots of this amazing sanctuary of landscape design, fall foliage, pumpkins and breathtaking vignettes.

 sandwiched in between all the greenery and eye candy, you'll find a cute little red barn that houses a boutique called "1 Happy Girl".  i didn't end up finding a dress for kennedy but stumbled on all kinds of cute jewelry, scarves, shirts, and boots that i would love to own. 

 the mums were reasonably priced i thought...$6 for the small ones, (which weren't that small) and $20 for the large (which were extra large)!  i mean look at these!
just passing along the gems as i find em champs. 
enjoy this beautiful indian summer and come visit me tomorrow at NSS from 3-7. 



Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Not So Shabby- A peek this week

 I worked a four hour shift at Not So Shabby last week and went on a little photo scavenger hunt so I could show all of you-my chummy Champs some great home accessories that you couldn't possibly live without!  A couple vignettes by yours truly at:

Here's a shot of my booth:
I'm so pathetic. My teenage daughters and their 'filters' on Instagram must be contagious!
If you catch me 'whitening' my teeth and lengthening my legs before I post pics of myself, please, for the me out on it! Ahhhhh!

 Once again, here are some of my favorite items from other vendors' showcased this week:

 I have a new neighbor- Oh Abigail. New vendor across from my booth! Sweet retro and vintage clothing, jewerlry and 'found' objects. :)

 And on another note, that same night I worked at NSS, I was at our neighborhood monthly VWZ meeting. Which is a.k.a "wine and cheese" night. It just sounds so much better to call it a meeting.  I'd tell you what the initials stand for, but then I'd have to kill you.

Big Bragger Alert:
This month's meeting was at my dear friend, Abby's. As I walked in, I felt compelled to take a pic of her beautiful display of appetizers. 
At the end of the evening after clean up, I felt compelled to take a pic of this amazing 16 foot farmhouse table that my husband built! I don't like to make a habit of bragging about my husband or 'kiddos' (and I want to stick forks in my eyes when I read about others who do),  but I couldn't resist this time.  
He built it to compliment the vintage locker room bench that Abby had purchased before moving into her house.

I really really like the table and I really, really like the man who built this table. But I really really like this table best when these crazies  gather around it.  I have a shorter version of it at my house and have been trying to find every excuse in the book to invite friends to sit around it. 
Read Shauna Niequist's book, BREAD AND WINE  and you'll feel inspired to gather too.

Happy Early Fall to all you wonderful friends!