Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bloomin' on Blue Star

To all you fall-lovin' Champs...
please find time sometime this weekend when temps should be hovering in the high 70's to pop by this best keep secret in saugatuck.
Bloomin' on Blue Star
it's on the left side of Blue Star Highway as you're heading toward douglas.
i stopped by last week to shop for my daughter's homecoming dress of all things and couldn't resist strolling the grounds and snapping some shots of this amazing sanctuary of landscape design, fall foliage, pumpkins and breathtaking vignettes.

 sandwiched in between all the greenery and eye candy, you'll find a cute little red barn that houses a boutique called "1 Happy Girl".  i didn't end up finding a dress for kennedy but stumbled on all kinds of cute jewelry, scarves, shirts, and boots that i would love to own. 

 the mums were reasonably priced i thought...$6 for the small ones, (which weren't that small) and $20 for the large (which were extra large)!  i mean look at these!
just passing along the gems as i find em champs. 
enjoy this beautiful indian summer and come visit me tomorrow at NSS from 3-7. 



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