Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Not So Shabby- A peek this week

 I worked a four hour shift at Not So Shabby last week and went on a little photo scavenger hunt so I could show all of you-my chummy Champs some great home accessories that you couldn't possibly live without!  A couple vignettes by yours truly at:

Here's a shot of my booth:
I'm so pathetic. My teenage daughters and their 'filters' on Instagram must be contagious!
If you catch me 'whitening' my teeth and lengthening my legs before I post pics of myself, please, for the love...call me out on it! Ahhhhh!

 Once again, here are some of my favorite items from other vendors' showcased this week:

 I have a new neighbor- Oh Abigail. New vendor across from my booth! Sweet retro and vintage clothing, jewerlry and 'found' objects. :)

 And on another note, that same night I worked at NSS, I was at our neighborhood monthly VWZ meeting. Which is a.k.a "wine and cheese" night. It just sounds so much better to call it a meeting.  I'd tell you what the initials stand for, but then I'd have to kill you.

Big Bragger Alert:
This month's meeting was at my dear friend, Abby's. As I walked in, I felt compelled to take a pic of her beautiful display of appetizers. 
At the end of the evening after clean up, I felt compelled to take a pic of this amazing 16 foot farmhouse table that my husband built! I don't like to make a habit of bragging about my husband or 'kiddos' (and I want to stick forks in my eyes when I read about others who do),  but I couldn't resist this time.  
He built it to compliment the vintage locker room bench that Abby had purchased before moving into her house.

I really really like the table and I really, really like the man who built this table. But I really really like this table best when these crazies  gather around it.  I have a shorter version of it at my house and have been trying to find every excuse in the book to invite friends to sit around it. 
Read Shauna Niequist's book, BREAD AND WINE  and you'll feel inspired to gather too.

Happy Early Fall to all you wonderful friends!


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