Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cliff Notes


I'm still alive and kickin'! So sorry it's been forever since I've posted.  Don't have much time tonight either.  Gotta get my rest before meeting with lots of you this week.  Big day tomorrow with five appointments back to back. Usually Mondays are my painting days but what better way to spend the first day of the week than with you cheery Chumps?!

In case you were wondering what I've been up to, I promise I'm not sleeping the days away. Here's the cliff notes version of the life of an accidental decorator:

Demolishing our kitchen island:

Rebuilding our kitchen island:
 Distressing and staining our kitchen island:
 Tearing out our kitchen flooring:

 Replacing the  underlayment for our new kitchen flooring:

Installing our new bamboo kitchen flooring:
Helping you Chumps pick out your new kitchen flooring:

And your living room flooring:

 Celebrating Brecken's 13th Birthday:

 Watching Brecken's Basketball games:
Supporting Kennedy and her acting career:

Painting furniture. Painting more furniture. Painting even more furniture:
Celebrating my amazing Mom's 70th Birthday:

 Hanging out with these rug rats:

and trying not to get too frustrated that Spring hasn't sprung yet!

Sorry for the online scrapbook tonight but I wanted to give you valid reasons for my lack of updates! I hope you're keeping busy doing what you love too. 
I'm so blessed to be able to do life with you. 
See you back here soon. I promise. 



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