Sunday, March 7, 2010

Playroom Table and Chairs

My friend Alison had a child sized table and chair set that she had when she was little.  Her aunt had painted it red with blue accents years ago, but Alison wanted it a bit more neutral to go with her newly finished bonus/playroom. She requested that it be painted all creamy white with tan fabric that she had left over from her kitchen project that we did a couple of years ago. I started sanding it all down and discovered that the red worn paint had a really nice patina that we would've lost had we painted it all white. 

With Alison's blessing, I left the top of the table the orignal red, (with a light brown layer of finishing wax over it).  I primed and painted the legs of the table and chairs creamy white and distressed them by sanding them a bit. The original seat covers were a blue vinyl,but instead of replacing them with the tan Sunbrella fabric, I re-covered them with an antique quilt. I am hoping her son Charlie isn't too upset with me for making it a little more 'girly', but I think it turned out to be a sweet, cottage-style look.


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