Monday, March 1, 2010

Letter bin Again

Well, I snagged my parent's letter holder last week to see if I could update it. I remembered it being oak and just like the other one I had posted.  I forgot that my Mom had painted it creamy white a while ago to match her kitchen cupboards.  I still had fun personalizing it for how my Dad uses it daily.

My Dad told me that he uses the top bin for "current" items, the middle bin for "pending" and the last for misc. I used one of my new fonts to label the bins accordingly and I mod-podged decorative paper on the back of each bin.  I distressed the edges with sandpaper and it was returned to it's proper place the next day, where it will proudly remain for the next 30 years. Love you Mom and Dad.

Here is another organizer that I took home from my neighbor's garage sale after it didn't sell.  It was plain oak.  I wish I had a picture of it before.  I painted it creamy white and wallpapered the back of it with vintage wallpaper that I bought from the Allegan Antique show this past summer. My neighbor, AJ was so mad when she saw the new look. I think she may have wanted it back. Look for it at next year's tag sale!


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