Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Home Tour-2015

You Guys! 
I survived! We were asked to be part of the Zeeland Historical Society's annual Home Tour this year. The theme was called "Renovation Celebration" and was to focus on homes that have been restored to NOT their original state, but rather, to showcase what a homeowner could do to turn a century old  historic home into something trendy, current and oh so 2000's. 

 let's just say....we were a bit out of our league. (Insert laughing/crying emoji). 
These homes weren't just renovated...they were almost tear down to the ground and built up again brand new. Just fantastic!!

Ours and one other home, out of the 10 on the tour, were the only ones essentially not brand new. Ken and I snuck out during the open house to walk through the others and on our bike ride back to our well loved and lived in home, he said, "Do you think they'll mind if we shut ours down early?!" Ha!

We did feel so honored to be a part of it and the Zeelanders walking through were so sweet and encouraging and kind, I really wasn't too ashamed of the dents, dings, dirty trim etc. and could once again experience so much gratitude for this house and what it has meant to me and my family over these past 8 years. 

To those of you who paid the $20 to tour, I'd say you got your money's worth with viewing. These renovated homes were incredible!

Here's just a brief sampling of what we saw:

Urban loft above a downtown business.
Shout out to Mitch Bakker, Amy Cheyne and crew for this beauty:

And I few pics I snapped that morning of our humble abode. :)

This sectional always looks purple in's actually charcoal gray:

 We finally finished off our laundry room-stay tuned for an uncoming blog post on that!

True That.

Love you guys. Thanks to everyone who came through Saturday. It was a great time! Sold-out crowd. Beautiful day. And another fine opportunity for the Lord to teach me contentment. 


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