Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall Peddler's Market-2015

 In preparation for the Zeeland Fall Peddler's Market last weekend, Ken and I spent a fair amount of time in the garage/workshop putting together signs, pumpkins and other fall decor. Brecken (our 15 year old daughter) walked in one evening and spotted these prototypes on the workbench. 

 Here was her resulting 'tweet'! :)
 Ken and I laughed so hard and proceeded to immediately trim down the stems which resulted in this:
Much better I think.
In spite of an extremely bothersome blustery start, we had an incredible day on Main Street peddling our wares. 
It was an amazing crowd that came out to shop that day, with the throngs of people making it nearly impossible to walk down the street from 3-5. The crowd tapered off during the last hour but we were so pleased with how much product moved and we were able to bring what was leftover to stock my booth at Not So Shabby-which had gotten precariously low in recent weeks. 
Overall, a great weekend and always worth the late nights of prep.
Thanks to you Champs who ventured out that day and purchased some Room For Change signs and accessories!

 These candy corns sold like hot cakes and we ended up making two more batches of 10 sets of each size. 

Here's the pic I posted on FB and Instagram that piqued people's interest:

 I'm currently taking custom orders for these latitude/longitude signs-can do any city.

If you don't follow Room For Change on Insta, make sure you do-I'll be posting pics this week of leftover items that you can find in the booth. room4change_
Thanks again for making the only two shows we do each each year, worth doing!!



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