Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Save the Dates!

Where has the time gone? 
Summer is over! My calendar and my hormonal, (with too-much-time-on-their hands) teenage daughters say so. 
Fall is my fave time of year so I can't say that I'm too devastated to say good-bye to this lingering humidity and loosey-goosey schedule. 

Of course it was off to the races this morning with two early consults lined up and I showed up at the second one two days early! Oh boy! 
I always seem to have one excuse or another for being a bit scattered, and this holiday weekend was no exception. 
Way back in the spring, I had been asked to participate in Zeeland's annual Historic Home tour. 
I don't know if you recall, but I had already done this once, the first year we moved into town. This years' theme is "Renovation Celebration" and they are focusing on homes in which the interiors may not be historically accurate (mine is SO not), but whose style might intrigue younger families to consider purchasing older homes in town. Of course when they asked, I was feelin' the Zeel and love all things Zeeland, so I said yes. 
Let's just say that Ken feels the zeel a little less zealously than I do and he knew that saying yes would mean buckling down on all our incomplete projects. 

Fast forward to him finishing our laundry room in two weeks time and me busting my hump to paint all the trim, walls and cabinetry in three days. 
It is far from perfect, but will coordinate perfectly with the rest of our imperfectly old but dearly loved rooms.

Shout out to the other homes on the tour though which are much closer to fine (to steal an Indigo Girl's Song title) than mine. 
A couple local builders's homes are in the tour and will be well worth spending the time and money to tour. 
Wish I knew the FB page and link but will try to get something out on my instagram pages and FB to get you more info if you want to check it out. I'd love for you to swing by and say hi. It's this Saturday, September 12 from 10-3.  

On a personal note, I just returned from a week long trip to Malibu, California with Kennedy who is a senior this year. We spent one whole day touring two college campus' that she's considering attending, but mostly it was a trip to see her significant other who moved out there in June. 
I was there to chaperone and third wheel. 
Come to find out, I'm not so great at either. 
But I survived. 
Hiked up a huge mountain and survived that too. 
Still unsure if I'll survive her senior year, but praying hard that I will.
Power to the SHE.
 Third Wheel game strong:

I will remind myself of this phrase often this year when she asserts her independence and I am having a hard time letting go: 

Custom sign ordered from my friends to another dear friend who got married in August.

The sign I made for her for a wedding gift and to put above her headboard in her room. 
 And as if I wasn't glutton for punishment to open my home up for hundreds of people to scrutinize, Ken and I signed up again to participate in Zeeland's Fall Peddler's Market which is the following Saturday, September 19 from 3-8 downtown Zeeland on Main Street. 
It's an incredible market with talented hand selected vendors and I'm honored once again to be part of it even with the mess that it's making of my garage/workshop in preparation for it. 
Come on out that day! We've got lots of rustic barn wood signs that we're making out of this old wood that we salvaged from a garage tear down. 
(You gotta love when your neighbors/friends call to give you a head's up that a barn is coming down and you may grab what you'd like for free)! Picker's Paradise right there!
Pics to prove it:
 Boev with his "Saws'all"! Stand back!


  Hope to see you at the home tour this Saturday, or the Peddler's Market next Saturday, or better yet, BOTH. 
Til then, happy Fall! 


Here are a few shots of this past years' spring Peddler's Market:


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