Monday, February 16, 2015

Staging to Sell!

My business tag line has always been "Room for Change...where a little change, goes a long way". Never was this more true than these past few weeks as my friend Leann and I were getting her Zeeland home ready to sell.

She asked me for help with colors and any other suggestions that I might have to make the rooms in her house feel fresh, up-to-date and appealing to a young buyer. 
I didn't snap any before pics of the wall colors, which bums me out, and
nothing was terribly outdated to begin with- Just really warm colors (think golds and burnt reds/oranges). 
In fact, we could've left the wall colors and worked around it, but Leann was more than ready to change things up and wanted to feel good about leaving the new owners with freshly painted walls and a brand new start.
After the painter had done his job, it was then my turn to once again do mine.
Let the staging begin:
I asked Leann to haul out all the wonderful gems she had hiding in her crawl space and boy, did she ever. Score! Here's what I had to work with which was so fun and impressive.

Here are a few of the rooms I took pics of to remind me of what we needed to complete some of these spaces.

A shower curtain here:

Some art work and pillows there:
A few baskets to fill these bottom cubbies:

Another basket up here:
 Some new curtains, pillow and rug here:
 And away we went. We met a few days later at Target and loaded up two carts heaping full of accessories, window treatments, pillows and rugs. Cha-Ching! It added up quickly, but we knew the quick "K" we spent would pay off in dividends with a shorter listing time on the market. A couple hours and a couple cups of coffee later, the house felt complete and we were ready for business.

 New rug, lamp, drapes and pillows from Target and Walmart.

Below, we used what she had, but purchased two  baskets for the bottom shelf.
New basket and vase from Target.

 I had so much fun using the accessories Leann already had. We only purchased the two bottom baskets.
I had picked new wall colors throughout. This room used to be rust. We chose a more neutral palate, yet one that still coordinated with the rustic, inviting feel of this sunroom.

 We chose this new lamp, a few pillows for this room and new cubed ottomans.

 Here's the new shower curtain we found at Target. Just a few greens to warm it up and a few accessories to give it character.
 Found these prints-they were the perfect size.  (Waiting to be hung of course).

They had just completed a master bath remodel this past summer, so I can take no credit for this room but no doubt, this would be a high selling point for this home. It's beautiful!

 Spent about 3 minutes using the wonderful knick knacks she already had on this ladder style shelf.  This is her master bedroom.

Here's a shot of the dining/kitchen/sitting area from the top of the master bedroom suite steps.

I'm happy to report that she and Michael listed their house last week Wednesday and I received a text this afternoon (Monday) that it is SOLD!!!

Hip Hip Hooray! 
Now this weekend onto her new house to pick some custom colors there!

Let me know if you need help staging for selling or just for living. I do both. :)
Remember, there's always room for change!


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