Friday, February 6, 2015

T & T-Kitchen Remodel!

Had a chance this week to snap pics of a recent kitchen remodel that I got to be a part of this past year.This project has been so much fun. (of course, it's always fun when you don't have to live in it, and pay for it), but nevertheless, it was fun for me!
I got to work with Tom and Tracy and their amazing vision which even took me out my comfort zone at times. 
They are meticulous, thorough, easy to work with homeowners who were looking for direction in updating their kitchen which I believe hadn't been tweaked for 14 plus years?
This is where we began.
We took it from "just a little bit country".,,,,
 "to a little bit rock and roll"!

Initially they were asking for my input in maybe keeping their original white thermafoil cabinets and tweaking the rest of the surrounding selections.  During our original meet and greet, we tossed around some "good, better, best" scenarios, and eventually, consented to the 'best'. :)
We had Gary Binder from Kitchen Tune-up replace their cabinet doors, and had the original cabinet bases refinished. We left the existing layout, but replaced appliances, countertops, backsplash, flooring, hardware, fixtures and plumbing and paint. 
Pretty much every surface received some attention. 
I loved working with T & T because of their motivation to research their options.  I gave them my bossy opinions along with suggestions and direction for how to stay true to the overall feel they were going for...we called it urban rustic. They were the ones we once I pointed them down a certain path, ran with it. 
They were eager to keep the project moving and we would meet every few weeks to narrow down selections, move forward with the next set of decisions and get things ordered.  
I'm sure they spent countless hours researching and did a great job printing out pics of things they were drawn to. I don't think I veto'd anything they showed me but I will admit, the backsplash tile had me worried. I was afraid it wouldn't be timeless enough, but I told them last week, it's now one of my favorite elements of the room and I love it!
Good reminder to me that in life, it's ok to take a few risks!

Here's another before:

Lights were from The Lighting Corner.
Barstools, wall art, dining table, and sideboard are from UBU in Grandville.

Floor tile, (yes, that's tile, not wood), counters and tile for backsplash all came from Duca in Holland. (Love that place. Shout out to Donna, Tim and Jacob)!


They sold their oak table on Craigslist. And they're so happy with the clean aesthetic of the new dining area.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, me and my bossy ways somehow convinced Tom that he should paint the oak trim in the kitchen. This was originally not up for grabs but I persisted, negotiated, pleaded and begged and he did an amazing job!!! Painted all the trimwork himself!!! (Did I mention he's meticulous and thorough)?! Yeah, Tom!
He might've been cursing my name in the thick of it, but I think he could admit now that he does love the finished look. 
He had so much fun in the kitchen, that he proceeded right on into the main floor half bath!

And another shameless Room for Change plug, they added one of my handpainted signs in their back entry welcoming them HOME.

Stayed tuned for more posts regarding this dynamic duo. They must not be sick of me yet 'cause we've got an amazing master bed and bath makeover in the works right now too!


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