Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Featuring Fabulous Finds at the 'big booth'!

Happy Belated Independence Day!  We had a nice long weekend of some work mixed with play.  On the morning of the fourth, Ken and I hauled out our junky burley to hit the junky Burley Park flea market. :) It was a perfect morning weather-wise and we spent a few hours hiking and  hunting for treasures to make or modify for you Champs. We only came back with this bundle, but after cleaning up some of the mud-caked windows, I think they'll make great wall art with some stenciled sayings etched on them. I usually can't find them this small with this much character, so those alone ( 8 of 'em) was worth the hour drive north.
I also found some dismantled recessed door panels that are all chipped up already with some great paint colors and I can't wait to paint those with some cottage-y phrases as well.

On Monday of this week, I spent two hours taking apart my booth at Not So Shabby-Holland location.  (From now on I'll refer to my two booths as 'big' and 'little'). I added lots of rustic items and marked down some summer inventory.  I am working on July 17 (11-3) and July 23 (11-3) this month, so stop in and say hello. 
 I LOVE these vintage seed prints with rustic frames! These I also found at Burley Park!! I looked high and low for a spot on my walls to hang them, but to no avail.  I probably should keep them to put in my laundry room if we ever get around to finishing it, but I'm not patient enough to wait for that. They would be super cute for a cottage or hanging over twin beds.  Even staggered next to each other in a vintage themed space or next to each other on a fireplace mantel.  The possibilities are endless!  
 This beadboard shelf I had in Kennedy's room for the longest time. It was painted kelly green but I put a fresh coat of Kendall Charcoal Gray over it and waxed it with a darker wax.  It looks so cute mounted on a bedroom wall holding all the little treasures that teenagers somehow manage to accumulate. The brown totes were housing mittens and hats in my makeshift mudroom/family room for a while until I switched that room from browns to taupes.

Two of these vintage scales I scored at Burley Park. I love them in a collection like this or use just two of them as book ends on a shelf.
 Another Burley Park treasure: I know you're thinking "how did she fit all that stuff in that burley?" Well, I did, believe it or not! 
This was an antique bookshelf but I was thinking it would make a great shoe organizer in an entry way or a bedroom even.Think about how amazing it would look full of mason jars! The large ones fit perfectly as you can see in the pic! In the meantime, it makes a great display rack for my 'smalls'.:)
 Here's one of the windows I bought. The others are single pane and I'm still working on the stenciling. This one is so cute and tiny.
 Ken helped me haul over these display shelf doors I used at the spring peddler's market. They are for sale now in the booth for only $75! Clients have them used them for character pieces in foyers, as display shelves for accessories, even as a storage pieces for perfume and jewelry . I can also see them used in larger bathrooms to hold rolled up towels. Or, flip out the window and replace it with a mirror and you have a vanity! This one is especially unique because it has the double arched windows. 
This piece of slate I bought from an Amish women at the Shipshewaunee Flea Market that we hit last week as well:I added the twine to make it a chalkboard.
 Chicken crate on casters makes a great outdoor coffee table.
 Mustard yellow with Gray wooden buntings. Use for parties, for baby's nursery or just to add festive flair to any room in your home! I use mine for birthdays and special events.  
 Rustic Beam that was removed from a 100 year old neighbor's home (no, the neighbor isn't 100, the wooden beam is). Use in a mudroom or even garage for sturdy storage of backpacks, coats, umbrellas, etc.  Screw right into the studs for maximum holding strength. I only have one of these. Like Big Lots always says, "when it's gone, it's gone"!
 I was drawn to this orange crate for some reason.  Use it upside down with open top to store blankets or books, or just like this as a makeshift nightstand or small scale coffee table.
 Another store bought bunting that I didn't want to part with.  I did make a pattern of it and will try to sweet talk hubby into making some in a variety of colors for the Fall Peddler's Market in which I hope to participate.
 Small black crown molding shelf with vintage looking block printing  stamps.
 Repurposed "petty coat" lamp and accessories:

 Another unique set of vintage hooks:
 I have to give credit where credit is due: This sign was made for a client/neighbor who had spotted it at World Market. I used the same dimensions and modified it a bit.  I loved the saying and the perfectionist in me needs this reminder daily!! I'll be making one for myself sometime soon. :)

 One more thing:  I am NOT a confident user of Facebook. I'm more like the creeper/stalker user who just loves reading your posts. But I am loving Instagram for quick pics and viewing daily updates of my kids' friends activities. I do have my own personal account with all 12  middle school aged followers, (what can I say, Brecken's friends think I'm cool)! :) But I thought it was high time to have a professional account. (I'll try to keep it professional. You know that's hard for me).  

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