Monday, June 30, 2014

Mulling things over Monday

Happy Summer finally! I feel like we have just started to enjoy some summer-like activities around here but the days are already flying by! I have managed to hit the beach a few times, camped twice over long weekends and paddle-boarded when the sun breaks through every now and then. I know you are out squeezing every last bit of summer you can as well 'cause I'm always slower this time of year in regards to home consults. 
Which means, more down time for me, but more missing you all.

At times, I've considered looking for a day job that consistently gets me out and about every day-in business attire, not just 'workshop rags' on my off days but I always come back to the flexibility and creativity of it all and I'm motivated once again. 

Talking about the ups and downs of owning your own business with my friend Dann who also sells repurposed junk and lamenting about the unsteady income and unpredictable schedule, he reminded me that when he did have to 'punch the clock'-even if it meant more 'you-can-count-on-it' cash, he felt his soul dying a little bit every day. 
I laughed and agreed.
I'm definitely not in this for the $. and it was a good reminder that I am so fortunate to be able to do what nourishes my soul every day. 

At times I've shared with you that all the remodeling, building, prettifying, and spending can seem like a futile, worthless endeavor, but I am always reminded by you guys that helping someone make a home that is comfortable and welcoming is worth something. 

I read a quote recently that said, "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life"?-Mary Oliver. I have been mulling that question over as I contemplate turning 46 in a couple of a weeks. I guess the fact that I'm closing in on 50 has me analyzing or over-analyzing (which I'm great at), my one shot on this planet and am I doing what I can to make a difference? So many days, it doesn't seem so. 

My oldest daughter just returned home from a week long outreach trip to Pullman (a small impoverished town 40 minutes south of here) and I saw so many families struggling with providing the basic essentials for their families-living in trailers with no windows and doors-that yes-those moments make my day job picking out wallpaper and coordinating window treatments seem meaningless.
But then, I come across a client that has waited patiently for over 25 years for a new, workable kitchen and is so thrilled with how her new one functions and looks and is no longer apologizing for her living space or insecure to have company over that I do feel like I am helping and that my skills are beneficial to someone.
Here are a few shots of Tricia's beautiful new kitchen. Not huge. Doesn't need to be. Not over-the-top showy. Doesn't need to be. Not full of bells and whistles. Doesn't need 'em. 
Nope, sometimes simple and subtle packs just as much of a punch. 
Simplicity and Subtly. 
Two of my weakest traits. 
I think I'll concentrate on those today. Along with a little gratitude. 
Miss you Champs and hope you're enjoying these summer days.


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