Thursday, June 19, 2014

Not So Shabby-Zeeland

 Just brought a small truckload over to the Zeeland store this afternoon.  I'll let ya in a little prices are a bit lower here than the Holland store. Not on everything, but a lot of the 'smalls'.  My booth is smaller, and my rent is cheaper, so i am passing along those savings to you!  Check it out sometime! 

Cute patterned bunting for a baby's room? (below)
 Hand Stenciled embroidery Ring signs:
 Blue Wire Basket to hold keys, mail, junk: (It's all connected-it hangs on the wall as one unit). Print out cute labels and it makes a great organizer. Or use in the bathroom to hold hair bands, jewelry, q-tips, etc.
 Topiaries and accessories:

 Primitive Cabinet.  Would make a great linen cabinet in bathroom or laundry.

 Signs and Letters.  My sister always teases me that there's always lots of reading in my house and booths!:)

Vintage Oil Painting that spoke to me
 Small Blue Mason Jars: Too cute to pass up at only $6/each.
 Spring/Summer accessories 

And another book recommendation from yours truly. I just finished this one and will be returning it to the library tonight. You know I love memoirs and I'm a sucker for anything sappy. This is both and is SUCH a good read.  Kelle Hampton's Bloom. You'll laugh, you'll cry. You'll be amazed at her poetic voice, eccentric vibe, and breath-taking photography
Enjoy your weekend doing what you love!!


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