Monday, June 16, 2014

Short Summary of Summer so far

This will be short and sweet but I wanted to give you a brief summary of what I've been up to lately. It's been off to the races already this summer with kids' activities, work, play and trying to soak up all the sun we missed from a long, gloomy winter. 
Sign orders have been rolling in and I really appreciate you thinking of me and my business when you're looking for unique wedding, b-day or personal gifts for yourself! Thank you! I love to see what you sayings/quotes you choose!

 I had the pleasure of attending and helping prep my best friend's daughter's highschool graduation party. I can take no credit for the amazing ideas and catering. I can only take credit for bossing Debbi and crew around, and staging a few items here and there.

 Beautiful girl, inside and out.  Made me nostalgic for all the times our families have spent together and a little bit sad to think that we are only 2 years away from Kennedy leaving the nest. 
 I try to stop in and stage both booths at Not So Shabby Holland and Zeeland locations) a few times a week when I can. :)

We even managed to complete our backyard pergola project two weeks ago! I say "we" like I actually contributed to the process.  I did hand him a board or two, but otherwise Contractor Ken banged this baby out in a day all by himself!!
I'll be in charge of staining it which I'm not looking forward to, but we are happy with how it defines the sitting area of our new deck and gives us a little bit of shade.

 I'm still shopping for clients and helping with interior selections for remodels and new construction.  The housing industry is booming again and I have noticed people willing to spend $ on their houses. Thus, paying me to be their friend along the way.:)
(Side note: I'm super impressed with some of the new tile options at Lowe's). 

We even managed to sneak in a short camping trip already with the cousins to the Holland State Park. So relaxing and fun!
Hope you're summer is everything you want it to be so far. 
I'll meet you back here soon for more randomness with a little home decor inspiration mixed in.


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