Monday, June 9, 2014

Meticulous Monday-(a well thought- out kitchen remodel)

Once again, I stink at trying to stun you with before/after pics of amazing kitchen remodels. 

 You'll just have to believe me when I tell you that you wouldn't believe me when if I told you how different this space looks from where it started. 
This is Scott and Gwen's kitchen/main floor remodel. Scott is my friend Julie's brother. I helped with Julie's kitchen remodel several years ago. Subsequently, Scott and Gwen hired me for help with selections, colors, furniture purchasing/placement and accessories.  

I loved working with these two. They complimented each other wonderfully as husband/wife collaborating on this project (which doesn't always happen with home improvement updates-as most of us know from experience).  Scott was the engineer of the project, always thinking through the functionality of things, and Gwen was the organized list maker and investigator.  I had the easy job of agreeing or disagreeing with their suggestions and giving them guidance or further direction. :)
This whole corner below used to be a dining room.  A wall was removed in order to make the kitchen twice the size of the original. What you're looking at below (double doors) is actually a secret passage-way into a hidden walk-in pantry!!
I'm not even kidding!

 This is it below! Sooo cool! They had seen this in a parade home before and it came a priority when re-configuring this space.

 Here is the same angle from a little further back. 

 We are still waiting on a backsplash.  Some kind of dimensional tumbled marble.  Everything you see is new. Cabinets, counters, flooring, windows, lighting, fixtures, appliances, etc.

New Granite countertops.  Kitchen remodel was designed and constructed by Woodways Cabinetry in Zeeland.

 We're looking at some kind of mosaic design for underneath the stainless hood. We'll be patient to find the look we want.
Once again, the engineer in Scott came out and he suggested using this small space by the prep sink as an easy-to-access station for their kitchen aid mixer.
 It lifts up and out and tucks back in when not in use.

This small 1/2 bath got a complete facelift as well.  New vanity, granite counter top, and we're still deciding on a mirror/tile combination.  I voted for the dimensional tile below. This will adorn the entire wall from top of counter to the ceiling. 
 Linen shades on wall sconces flanking the new mirror.

 This mudroom/back entry got the same special treatment.  New wall board, cubbies, bootbench and flooring.  New brushed nickel hooks will be added all the way around the room for maximum grab-n-go storage. 

 Look how Gwen tricked out this repurposed storage closet with the same fabric from the boot bench!! She said she was inspired by something similar on Pinterest. 

 We're still in the process of putting the finishing touches on the living area which is adjacent and open to the kitchen.  In search of a rug, wall art, and some accessories to complete the look.
 The new rustic hardwood is actually vinyl planking!! People LOVE this product! It's all the rage right now, and comes in tile, linen and wood looks.

 One more quick debriefing before I sign off.  This is Gwen's friend Trisha's home- whom I've worked with and blogged about before (kitchen remodel last year). If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, one of the best things about this design gig is meeting all of you and realizing that somehow we're all connected! I wanted to show you the amazing job she did on the picture collage wall in her newly remodeled dining room. Last year, I had her paint the chair rail and trim creamy white (it was oak). We chose a light buff color for the upper wall and used dark  accents in the room. The neat thing about this display is that all of the pics show a travelogue of places they've been and things they've seen and experienced as a family. 

 Sweet chandelier from Pottery Barn too, huh?

 Other side of the room as you enter the kitchen:
 1/2 bath remodel that I think I've posted before:

 Entry foyer.  Picture all the trim work oak. What a difference a little "Acadia White" makes. Feels like a brand new house. 
 I can't take credit for this artistic display although I wish i could.  Trish did this by hand and changes it out each month to showcase a new bible verse. Google "Chalk art" or "Chalkboard fonts" if you want some tutorials.
Can't imagine closing with anything better than God's word. Great reminder as we start another new week. Love you Champs!


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Thanks so much, Christy! I couldn't have done it without you! I LOVE Gwen's kitchen, too - can't wait to see it in person!

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