Monday, March 10, 2014

Stuff Mart

I've talked to you about this book before.  I even warned you about it. But apparently I still stink at taking my own advice, and against my better judgement I have been participating in a weekly bible study/book group in which we're not only reading the material, we are actually participating in weekly 'fasts' from areas overindulgence.  

This book, called "7", written by Jen Hatmaker  addresses 7 areas of 'excess' in her/our lives-media, possessions, clothing, food, waste, spending and stress. 
This past week we were focusing on fasting from possessions and where did I happen to end up? 
The devil made me do it! :)
Have you ever seen that sign..."Lead me not into temptation. I already know the way there". ?
Well, that's me. 

For those of you who raised your kiddos on "Veggie Tales" video when they were little, I felt like Madame Blueberry walking into "Stuff Mart the other day.  I even said that out loud to my 14 year old, Brecken (my accomplice or my accountability partner-whichever way you want to look at it)!  smile

This mash up between Ikea, Target, TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby recently opened in Jenison where the Old Target used to be. It's called "@ HOME" I had a couple friends ask me if I had been there yet, and what kind of designer would I be if I didn't scope it out for all of you Champs?! So, over a brief lunch hour before Brecken's ortho apt in Grandville, we checked it out. 

And what a lot of STUFF!!!

 Breck wasn't enjoying it quite like I was. This would actually be a great pic for Jen's book and blog!

 Oh, she's warming up to it now! Spotting a ceramic pig for her long -gone pig collection from days gone by.

 She's tempted too....

Initially walking through the doors, I almost hyperventilated looking at all the enticing patio furniture and cushions.  But as I walked up closer to many of the items, I could see that they weren't as high quality as they appear from a distance.  I was glad for that as it made it less tempting to purchase what I truly don't even need. 
We nearly made it out of there with NOTHING, (not as hard as I thought), but Brecken had asked for a mirror for her birthday and they had a nice sized one that coordinated with her room for $35. I could justify that as her birthday was Saturday. 
All in all, it's a fun place to browse. 

Just not highly recommended while fasting from possessions. :) 

And, ironically I'm supposed to be fasting from social media this week but I missed you Champs too much for that. 
This isn't going well.  :)


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