Monday, March 3, 2014

MaNiC MoNdAy

Random thoughts on this Sunny Monday:

I spotted these gems when a client and I were shopping together at Huizen's Furniture in GR. Great place for sofa's, tables and accessories. 

 Put on a bullet proof vest before pulling into the parking lot. This place is in the 'hood, but who am I to judge? Z-town had another Meth lab bust three streets over from me a few weeks ago, so townies in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. :) 
Gotta get my hands on some yardsticks that I can stain.
Chalk it up to another great idea that I can pirate. :)
 Love this sign below (also from Huizen's). This project might be in my near future as well.
 Sneak peek of this  vintage armoire that would make a sweet shoe cupboard or load it with totes/baskets for odds and ends in a playroom.  Painted creamy white w/ charcoal grey interior and glazed.  I need to add hardware, but this piece should make it to the store in the next few weeks. (No, I still haven't made it back into my garage/workshop for painting).  I had several items pre-done luckily last fall and they've been in storage since then.
 Here are some items that were added to my booth on Saturday:
A scalloped drop leaf table. Check out those sexy legs!
 A charcoal grey double pedestal table.  
 Lots of little spring accessories.  Anything to remind us that winter won't last forever.

 This will be my mantra in a few weeks at Spring Break. We're heading down to Florida again to get us some long overdue sun and fun.
Typing fingers are officially frozen again, so I need to sign off and warm up in another part of my house now. See you back here when it thaws. 
(I promise it will be sooner than that).


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