Monday, March 24, 2014

Just Another Manic Monday

Last week I had a little bit of time to kill before I picked up my oldest daughter at school. Right across from the high school is a fairly new, clean Goodwill store. I was motivated to score some treasures to transform for the Spring Peddler's Market I referred to in my last post. 
I didn't end up finding any great furniture pieces or even any re-pupose-able accessories for that matter, but I did snag two mustard colored sweaters that I planned to make into throw pillows. 
Looking back at this pic, I almost wish I would've worn them a few times before I started slicing and dicing! :)

I have a bunch of unused pillow forms in various sizes that I had bartered with a client for back in the spring of last year.  They've been patiently waiting for this transformation for almost a year. 
This project coincided with my week of 'fasting' from excessive waste. I thought it was pretty 'green' of me to try to use every last scrap of sweater for something. :)
I cut off the sleeves to be used as boot socks/leg warmers. I covered the pillow form and have to sew up the bottom yet to complete it. I cut and tightened the leftover scraps in these small embroidery rings and will be adding crocheted (sp?) details to those. I thought it might even be cute to embroider black thread into smiley faces for gift tags to put on wine bottles or gift bags. I ended up with 9 completed rings.

 This is what I had left of the original sweater. shoot! I could've made a headband or decorative fabric flower with what's left. What was I thinking?
 The yellow pillow and the striped yellow/white pillow turned out so cute, I think I have to keep them! (sorry, i didn't want to post the 'after' pics yet-i have to stitch the bottoms closed yet). I was fully intending to sell them at the spring market but after this bleak and drab winter, but the cheery yellow accents perk up my living room so nicely! (and you know, I don't usually even care for yellow-I must be desperate for sunshine!).

I will show you the big reveal as soon as I hang the new patterned West Elm drapes that coordinate with new yellow accents. I totally got buyer's remorse as soon as I ordered them online but I might surprise myself and end up liking the bright punch of color. Stay tuned for that.

Another great find at Goodwill that day....a brand new pin- tuck charcoal grey duvet and shams from Target. With tags still on. Not that I'm above buying used bedding, but this was a bonus that it was brand new, a king size to fit my bed and only $20!  Don't worry, I still washed it just to be on the safe size. 

Please ignore the nasty waffle weave white bed skirt. I haven't had time to replace that with a tan linen yet. Back to Goodwill I go! :)

 I also wanted to give you a quick look at a client/friend's mini remodel that I've been working on lately.  This is Jackie's sun room that sits off her living room that we are taking from browns to grays. The walls in here used to be cream with lime green recliner chairs where the loveseat now sits.  She reported that this room never got used because it wasn't comfortable or enticing. 
We added the quatra-foil wallpaper, new sofa, pillows and rug and are now on the hunt for a great coffee table, 2 side end tables and matching lamps. I'll send pics soon to show you what we find. 

Sorry about the scattered thoughts today. Trying to get motivated for a productive week of projects and progress for clients but wanted to meet you here for a bit. 
Check back soon. 

Oh, and let me know if any of you champs would like to be involved in downtown Zeeland's Spring Peddler's Market (see previous post). 
I did get word that I will be part of it. More info. to come, but they are looking for more creative and crafty vendors.


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