Wednesday, February 12, 2014

FRoZen and over it. :)

 No, that's not more snow. 
That's actually sunshine. Filtering through some puffy clouds in another time and place. 
Champs, I'm going crazy.  Insane.  Cranky and Crusty all rolled into one. 
I need me some green grass and soon! 
This long Michigan winter is zapping the life out of me!
I know you're feeling it. 
I met with a client today and she was crabby about it too. :)
Spring cannot spring itself upon us soon enough this year!

So I had to do it... I had to drum up some good-time-fun-in-the sun memories to give me encouragement tonight from by-gone Michigan summers. 

We took this shot of the LeBlanc cousins at Pentwater in 2011. Our favorite summer camping spot. We had this blown up for Mata & Pata (Gpa & Gma) and it hangs in their foyer hallway.
 Sandcastles and Kite-Flying-I'll never take you for granted again!
 My nephews-Jagger and Chase
 Crazy Cousins in the summer sun!
 No Words needed except-  Lake Michigan Sunsets-I love you.

 I want my bike!!!

 Counting down the days to wear my shades. Hang in there Champs. We can do this thing!
"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine".  
-Anthony J. D"Angelo

Ohhh, so hard to do on 10 degree days but I'll try. I promise I'll try.

Stay Warm.



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