Monday, February 3, 2014

Farmhouse fun

 Sorry it's been a while since I've posted! I have to motivate myself to enter our front room office (where my computer is) which doesn't hold heat very well in these frigid temps!

 I am soooo ready for an early spring thaw.I realize that's wishful thinking as we aren't even through February yet.

  You'd think I would've been productive with all the snow days called this year.  More time for painting projects and other creative endeavors. No such luck.  It just made me lazy, tired and a little crabby to be perfectly honest. 

I'm really trying to be good sport about it all but after nearly asphyxiating myself in my garage last week with my propane and kerosene heaters, I think I'll stay indoors 'til April. (It's a great story for next time).
A couple of weeks ago, I made the trek out to Heather's house in Hamilton.  She needed some paint colors for two bathroom remodels and I was shameless enough to snap some pics of some past Room for Change projects that were on display in her amazing hundred -plus- year- old farmhouse.
Good ol' growth chart rulers. Still a hot seller in my booth at Not So Shabby.
 Here's a headboard that Ken and I converted from an old door for her guest bedroom. The sign is not a Room for Change original. For shame. :)

 These nightstands below were Heather's Grandmother's I believe.  They were a light honey colored maple or oak as I recall. I can't remember. I painted them a couple of years ago. Fun to see the finished pieces in place. 
Oh, what a little white paint can do....

This large dresser was part of the set. It looks so Rachel Ashwell-Shabby Chic now that's it's lightened and brightened with one of my favorite creamy whites. (Acadia White-Ben Moore)
 This was another project that Heather reminded me nearly killed me a few years ago.  These rustic pallets (skids) that they had on the farm would make perfect headboards for her son, Hudson's room, but they'd look so much better stained dark! I think I went through two quarts of walnut minwax stain of which my lungs absorbed about half!  I couldn't take a deep breath for days! :)
I wouldn't try this at home! 

 We are still so proud of ourselves for this one. We thought a mural of some kind on this formerly blank wall in her bonus room/playroom upstairs would be a bright, whimsical touch.  She found this one on Etsy and we think it's fun and gender neutral enough (as she has a son and a daughter enjoying the space).
 For the upstairs kids' bath that she's working on right now, we chose a really light tan/khaki for the main room and then a coral/orange color for the small shower area which we chose from the leaves on this tree.

We saw this idea on Pinterest and felt compelled to repeat it here. This magnetic board had a previous life as an oil drip pan that Heather purchased from an area auto parts store. She scrubbed it up with soap and shampoo and  hung it at a height that is easily accessible for her toddlers.
Thanks for letting me brag you up, Heather. Gotta go thaw my fingers now.  I'll be back here soon, I promise. 


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