Sunday, November 10, 2013

Selfie Sunday :)

Ha ha! Couldn't resist posting a picture from a Halloween costume party/scavenger hunt we went to a few weeks ago. Stumbled across this gem in one of my files online. Kennedy had taken the pic of us and then instagrammed it with the inspiration photo from the movie "Juno"-one of our faves. That's me, "Juno, and my very own "Pauly Bleeker" for those of you who have seen the movie. 

Don't have a lot of time to write tonight. We're heading to the "Windy City" tomorrow early by train with the girls for a short little jaunt overnight.  I'm going to bring my camera along and try to get some good shots of some store window displays. Don't know if they'll be decorated yet for Christmas, but I imagine so.

 In mid-December I've been asked to speak at a Chamber of Commerce event that they are hosting for Zeeland High School marketing students and they want me to present on window displays/marketing product. Should be fun. I'l share those pics with you here too if I think they're inspiring enough! :)

Here's some randomness from my scattered brain tonight:

Before pic of an end table that I purchased from a friend's connection to an estate buyer's sale. Loved the mustard yellow. Wasn't sure on the natural drawer front.
 Don'tcha hate when you almost like the 'before' better than the 'after'? That happens sometimes. You win some, you lose some. I'll mark it down in price and bring it to my booth as is. You can always repaint it. :) It's got some great character! Needs new handles on the middle drawer. That's what's bugging me.
I found these scarfed up but sturdy, chunky pieces in the 'unfinished room' at Not So Shabby and knew one of my friends/clients would be interested in the set of these for her bedroom. We were looking for nightstands that we could paint. These were huge, but so is her room so we figured they would work.
Looks like a dog had gotten the better of one of them but I knew my Pauly Bleeker could fix that without a problem. 

So sorry I didn't take an official "after" of the project. I thought I had.  We got new hardware and purchased some great big lamps with round drum shades. This coral color I picked from one of the quilt square colors in her Pottery Barn bedding. 

I stumbled across these cute pillows at Hobby Lobby this week. They have so many new products in there now, it's crazy! Dig through it...some junky, some really cool and funky. 

 And these cute little lamps. 

These pillows are from TJ Maxx

That chevron I tell ya, it's still all the rage. I did happen to spot a chevron stencil at Hobby Lobby as well, but I didn't love how it was cut out. Wait til I show you my friend Kelli's daughter's room that I roped her into doing! Hours of chevron fun! Stay tuned!


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