Monday, August 12, 2013

All My Little Words

I've done so many versions of this style sign, I forget all the phrases I've used. Essentially any short quote or phrase works.  It's just figuring out the font style, colors and spacing. I have some Realtor friends who have been ordering these custom signs and giving them as closing gifts to their clients.  So fun for me to keep seeing what they come up with in terms of sayings. This is the latest one being given to a client who moved into a new house on the lake.
That's where I'll be this week with one more beach vacation to be enjoyed before 'back to school' September hits. 

The window/sign below recently sold at my booth at Not So Shabby.  It wasn't actually a window at all, but the top part of my neighbor's back door. (Thanks Michelle)!

 I used the same stencil that I had cut to do this pallet sign a few weeks ago:
And why not use it again on this metal tray that we had removed from the back of a rusty cart?
Sold right away.

 I think I enjoy making signs so much because I've always had a love of letters and numbers...font styles, graphic, crisp lettering, thought provoking phrases or verses.  Can't. Get. Enough. 
This wall mural (which was actually a large vinyl sheet) mounted to the side of a boutique up in Glen Arbor, Michigan caught my eye recently. 

 How great is that?
This one below I haven't ever done before in an all white palate. This color scheme always works with any type of decor. Most fun hung on the walls of a pool shed or  mounted outside on a lake house.
 This one just sold this week. Made me chuckle when I first saw this phrase online.
I did this custom sign for my neighbor Kim who's nephew(?) was getting married.  She requested it in black and white and asked for it to be personalized at the bottom. 
Keep this in mind for wedding shower gifts, or baby announcements-(different phrases of course could be substituted).
Always a good seller.

So many ways to do this thing.

I also wanted to show you the amazing desk area of my talented client and friend Jenn.  This space is located in the hallway of her adorable cape cod style home in Holland. It used to be a main floor laundry area/linen closet with bi-fold doors. Can you picture it? 

She was so anxious to transform the area into a preppy and functional work space for she and her two young girls.  Armed with some photos she tagged from "Houzz" and "Pinterest", her talented husband set to work to demo and dry wall the nook.  She hired out help to retro-fit the shelves, desk and cabinetry and accessorized everything herself!  She loves red and was glad to pull her favorite color through this space as well as in her kitchen. 
Where do I come in on this one? 
Sometimes I'm just moral support. :)

I was a cheerleader in my former life and these days those skills still come in handy when working with you amazing Do-it-yourself-ers!

"Rah, Rah...Siss Boom Bah!
You Did it Jenn-I oooooh and ahhhh!!"

Isn't that an incredible use of space? And sooo smashing with all the red accents?! 
Hip Hip Horay!!

I'll stop now. :)
Call me if you want me to cheer you on throughout your next home dec. project! 


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