Monday, August 5, 2013

Ramblings from the Heart

Sigh :)
Lake Michigan sunsets.  They never get old.
I've missed you Champs.  I cut my beach vacay a little short due to this lovely (?) fall- like weather and am actually feeling more motivated work- wise which is always a good thing.  I don't have the paddle board or beach calling my name which helps on the productivity front. 

Kennedy, Alex (my 18 year old nephew) and I biked our annual 100 mile trek up to Pentwater three weeks ago to kick off the week of camping at the state park there. 
Here's a few shots of our adventure.

And we made it. 
I found myself singing out loud the old country song, "I ain't as young as I once was, but I'm as young ONCE as I ever was".  It was a long day-9 hours and 40 minutes to be exact but I loved every minute of the time I got to spend with my oldest daughter and my nephew who leaves for college tomorrow. 
I posted the picture below on instagram (follow me at christyboeve) and hash tagged #100milesofmemories
We had a going away party here last night for Alex. "My first born son". He's not my first born and he's not my son but I've always lived like he was.  I've cried countless times in the last month reflecting on how quickly these years have flown by.  This day will rank up there with one of the best days of my life. Uninterrupted time with my "kids".

100 miles that day on the bike and 50 miles on Saturday with Ken up to Grand Haven and back made me stiff, sore but oh so thankful for my body's ability to do this.

Health and strength-something I haven't been taking for granted lately with so many of my friends, friends' parents and client's struggling with health issues. 

 A shameless shout out and prayer request for my dear mother--n-law, Marge who was recently diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. 
She started chemotherapy last week is doing well overall.  Ken gets his positive outlook and optimism from his mom and she is certainly still modeling that throughout this challenging  journey. 
My sis-n-laws and I had 'fun' (?) wig shopping with her and helping her select her new 'do' last month. Here's the winner. 
 After lots of wig modeling by all of us, and some good hearty laughter, things got a little somber when it was time to make the purchase.  We all held it together but I teared up a little as I snapped a picture of this clipping that was posted on the wall by the check out counter.

Mom Boeve, "Camera Grandma", "Photo Marge" and "Gma Moogie Boeve", you will beat this thing. We're all in this together and we love you.
I know I can count on you for prayers Champs and I thank you in advance for it.

Must be all these rainy days that get me so reflective and mushy.
I'll lighten things up by asking you to come visit me tomorrow at Not So Shabby.  I'll be 'working' (which for me means, networking). Wink. from 3-7.
Last time I worked, I snapped some photos of a sampling of my  co-vendors' creative items.
Check these out.

Hope to see you sometime soon. 

Thanks for checking in with me here. 


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