Monday, July 15, 2013

Mom-Candy Monday

 Yeah, I know. You've seen this baby on Pinterest before. 

So had I before a client/friend ordered one from me, but I still had to toot my own horn about it. 

A fellow DIY-er and friend lamented to me a while ago that with this day and age of Pinterest, Houzz, Etsy, blogs, books and t.v. shows, there really is no new original idea under the sun. I have to agree.  Everything is just copied, or tweaked or slightly spun off from the original. And who had the original idea to begin with? That's debatable. I'm as guilty as anyone of hijacking ideas from the web.  As with many other things in life. This information age is a blessing and a curse. But I digress...

Back to this particular Pinterest-plucked idea:
My client supplied the old pallet wood that my handyman (hubby) cut down to a manageable size.  I dry brushed it with antique white paint and hand cut the stencil using card stock and an exacto knife.

She gave it to her brother in law as a wedding gift. 
I thought it was a precious sentiment to celebrate the day and not so large that they couldn't find a space to hang it. 
It measures 12x28"
In the spirit of swiping, let me know if you want to copy and have one slightly similar for yourself! :)

My Realtor friend, Rebecca often asks me to make custom signs to give as her 'closing gifts' to her clients. 
I gladly oblige.
Here's a couple:

I also wanted to show you curious Champs an oak kitchen remodel that my former neighbors and dear friends, Doug and Jackie completed last year. 
You really would have to see the before pics to believe that this is the same medium stained oak kitchen they previously had but I think you'll be wowed nevertheless with the quality of the workmanship. 
Shout out to Jon Sterk from JP Sterk Painting, LLC.
(email me if you need more info.)
These were OAK! 
Yes, I'm sure.
They really were!

This guy is GOOD!
This new black island wasn't oak, but I had to show you how great it is.
Doug (the homeowner and my uber talented friend) crafted this.
And almost everything else in this room.
Like this sunroom addition:
And this barnwood table:
Aren't the wood floors amazing!? Handscraped barnwood floors!
And this new fireplace:
 And this creamy white built- in wall unit:
Bummer this guy isn't for hire. This woodworking gig isn't even his day job, although he does have a workshop attached to his garage that my husband salivates over every time we stop by.

So often clients will ask me what can be done to downplay the grain of the oak cabinetry.  I do think that if they're sick of oak altogether, that having the cupboards professionally painted will not only breathe new life into the kitchen, but will give it a timeless look that will last many years going forward.
It's worth the discussion anyway.

See you back here next time to share more "passed around ideas and crafts"!
I like to think of it more in terms of a creative co-op among 'artists'. :)

Til then,
The artist formerly known as "C"-


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