Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Retail Wednesday

Just got home after a big day working my 8 hour shift at my favorite store in town..."Not So Shabby".  It's so fun to be there to chat up customers, walk the floor to see what's new & observe what the hot sellers are in my booth.  Here's a few things that didn't last long at Room for Change and some others that are waiting for a new place to call home. 

This sold today right when I walked in the door!

This old chicken coop coffee table won't last long but the new owner will be one who loves urban rustic decor!
 "Fun" to display on a bonus room or playroom wall.

Teal colored star is gone already, so is red thin cabinet.  Lots of vintage items, signs and pillows still there!
 LOVE these honeycomb printed pillows, do you?
 Antique Rustic Shovel: gone.
Bright cottage style pillows: Here today, gone tomorrow. :)
 LoVe banner sold a few days ago, along with the beat up barnwood birdhouse. Several rustic pallet board signs are left. They make a great textured accent over a headboard in the bedroom.
 Antique Fans are always good sellers. I'm shocked the white antique radio stand hasn't sold yet.  No storage space inside is perhaps the reason, but I think it's great eye candy even though it's not so functional.  Use as a side piece with a trendy lamp and photos on it in the foyer.

 Black primitive side table sold right away.

Allegan Antiques Find:
Letter "D" sold the hour I went home for dinner today. Don't know who bought it but she was going to put it on her front porch. Sweet.
I'll be replacing it with the giant metal letter "N" soon. 

 Nienhuis, Nardin, Nykamp, Negelkirk-have a wall for it? :)
Love the lines of this wing back, (laundry line pillow sold right away), but I had already slipcovered it once and don't have the energy to do it again. I was thinking it would look so fetching reupholstered with a dark charcoal grey fabric with nailheads or a light shabby chic linen. Wait...I want it back now. :)
Love this primitive piece on wheels. This didn't last but a day.
Lots of little reasonably priced accessories.
This light grey dresser would make a great changing table for a nursery or a side piece in a small dining area. 

Below is something I spotted at Allegan Antiques. 
Again, this piece didn't last long. I thought it would make a great jewelry display.
 I brought it 5 more planked style signs today.They're probably my best seller.

 Can't remember if I saw this still there today or not. I think it might be gone, but I'm making another one soon. Email me if you want it before it gets 'put out on the floor'.
 Sweet little Pier One birdie print. Totes Adorbs.:)
 One more shot of the super stylish and uniquely repurposed coffee table.  Do I make a better crafter than I do a saleswoman?

. Not working there again until August 6 from 3-7 but I'll post pics soon of other vendor booths and some things you might think you need. :)


A shout out to one of my favorite "Chumps/Champs", my SIL, Shar who stopped by to visit me today. Made my day, sis. LOve you.


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