Monday, July 1, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday

Feeling better today. Almost manic after a good weekend of antique shopping and garage sale hopping.
Our cars haven't seen the inside walls of our garage in months. The junk is stacking up and I've got my work cut out for me. I'm looking forward to a long holiday weekend of digging through the pile and somehow making it all look less junk-like.
I'll be sure to post pics of the process. 

I worked a fun four hour shift the other day at Not So Shabby. Always fun to walk from booth to booth and see what each talented vendor has on display. A veritable treasure hunt if you will. 
Here's some of my faves:
Rebel Reclaimed:

 Inspired by You & Me:
Barn Sale Blondes:

 Not So Shabby:

Orange Pebble Studio:

 Karla's Place:

 Eternal Treasures:
 Painted Farmgirl and Friends:
 Room for Change:

 Not So Shabby:

Saw this phrase online almost a year ago. Been wanting to make a sign of it. Finally did that last week. Hot off my workshop bench to my booth at NSS. One in green. One in white. Get it while the gettin's good. :)

I'll be working a full shift (from 11-7) on July 17.  I'm marking my booth 10% off everything on purchases made that day. Stop on in to say hi and check out some refurbished finds!
Don't hold me to it, but I'm hoping to update the blog this week daily.  I've got lots of goodies to share. See you back here soon!


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