Monday, June 17, 2013

sneak peek kitchen remodel

 this is a fun project i've been working on with my client lynda.  not only does she have amazing taste, she is super sweet and fun to work with! and if that wasn't enough for me to look forward to our consults, the added bonus is that she feels like family to me. she's the sis-n-law to one of my besties, so our paths get to cross even when we're not working on her remodels these past few years. love that. 

love this too. 
her brand. new. kitchen. 
(although not quite done...sorry lynda, i'm just too excited to wait for the grand reveal). 
this won't be quite as effective without the before angles, but we'll get those posted with the new official 'after' shots for greater impact! :)
 wanted to show you a work in progress with the countless selections that go into a kitchen remodel of this magnitude.
to name just a few:

-cornice above we, or don't we? YES, we do! (photo above)
-built in wine/coffee bar? YES PLEASE. (photo below)
-dark accent color in kitchen-we can get away with that with all the creamy white cabinets and very little wall showing.
-recessed canned lights. don't skimp. always on dimmers. always.

HUGE, I mean HUGE, center island-10 feet to be exact. Wait 'til you see the granite slab going on this baby.
Dark center island in a walnut stain.
Lighter perimeter cabinets to be creamy white with a pewter glaze.
Dark granite on perimeter counter.
Light flecked blingy granite on center island.

Desk area with same island granite. Lower cabinets painted a light taupe.

New colors for the adjacent living room area. Darker greenish blue accent wall to define the conversation area of the long narrow room. 
Lighter taupe color on the rest of the walls to compliment the darker taupe walls in kitchen.
we also chose a darker muted color to help with the transition of the taupe to a lighter buff color behind the plastic tarp in the pic below. that next room leads to the master bedroom addition we worked on together two years ago.

here's the lighter taupe. you can see we switched color where the wall bumps out.

lots and lots of great built- in storage for their four active kids. this mudroom leads you into the newly remodeled laundry room.

 can't wait to see the shaker style cabinet glazed doors in place. we both love this soft grey-ish blue in the laundry area. super calming walls might make the task of doing laundry more enjoyable? linen etched  taupe colored tiles were chosen for the flooring for entire back hall.
the laminate countertop we chose for this room is super fun too. i promise i'll post more soon.
on a side note:
in my shopping adventures for clients a few weeks ago, i stumbled across these fabric letters from World Market.
so great.
so cheap. 
so cute.
places and items like this are gonna put my booth at Not So Shabby out of business but i love 'em anyway. :)

saw this too. sorry about the blurry photo. i just liked how industrial this shelving unit felt. would look great in a den or even dining room with all white serving dishes and platters.

 thought this media console was unique as well. zinc topped for only $449. would've bought it for the client i was shopping for, but it was just a bit too large at 60 inches long. do you have a spot for it? 

that's all for now on this mediocre monday.:)
thanks for meeting me here. 
be back soon.


Ryann Hoyer said...

Your client sure does have a taste in style and design. Lynda knows what she wants. And by constantly communicating with her designer, I'm sure this would turn out really great. I'm also planning some renovations on my kitchen, but I'm still on the process of finishing my draft for it's new design. I'll be posting my updates as soon as I get started.

Ryann Hoyer @Yancey Company

Gregoria Newsome said...

When the homeowner suggest things to be redesigned their kitchen, it's their way of welcoming themselves. If they designed the kitchen with their ideas, they can feel comfortable to cook there. I know how hard it is to think of the appropriate design for the kitchen, but my love for cooking made it a little easier. I just wanted to have a kitchen that can make me more enthusiastic to cook, even when I don’t want to. :)

Kip said...

Ryann is right. You client has good taste for style and design. I am also excited to see the finished project! I can already imagine a very interesting and fabulous space. I just hope that you can monitor some minor mishaps that might lead to bigger problems in the future. Make sure that the stoves are properly installed and the countertops are smooth. This will help a lot in preventing accidents in the kitchen. :)

enochdavis said...

: For kitchen renovation we have common belief that a finished kitchen are a wise investment for resale although these will likely turn out to be most costly of renovation they are undoubtedly worth it may be considering new counter tops,Anatural stone is most costly at approximately 100 per square foot to supply and install,there are many factors that will influence the price such as the thickness nosing cuts angles etc. For kitchen renovation mostly we are using natural oil sealants are required periodically for adequate upkeep.

Essie Reed said...

This is an exciting new kitchen. I love the shelves and the variety of surfaces and extra places, both for working and for storage; a lot of opportunities to work. All in all, a very nice home improvement project that I would certainly call a success, even without the finished product. Kitchen remodeling adds so much value to a home.

Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement

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