Sunday, June 9, 2013

CeLeBrAtE GoOd TiMeS, c'mOn!

  there's been lots of celebrating going on in this neck of the woods lately.  i'm getting a little behind in my work  because of it but it's so worth it. i've got way too many regrets in life already without having to look back on this wonderful stage and feel like i wasn't present for all these amazing moments of celebration. this hippie chick's 15th birthday!

...and this incredible nephew's high school graduation,

 ...this precious niece's 8th grade graduation,
...this end-of-the -school year-celebration!
...this celebration of friendship and good health,

and so many more times this past month that i was overcome with emotion trying to take it all in.
so forgive me if i've been a bit behind with custom orders or email responses.  i promise i haven't forgotten about you.  one of the reasons i love being my own boss is to allow myself freedom  to be there.really be there. not just my physical body, but my heart, soul and mind as well.  thanks for giving me that freedom as well.

it's not been all play and no work.
i've managed to spend some time in my workshop painting up some new signs and making/buying accessories for my booth at not so shabby.
come visit me there this week on thursday, june 13 from 3-7.

can you hear me clapping? i hope you are too. 

with gratitude and celebration,


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