Sunday, June 2, 2013

Allegan Antique Show

i promised you pics of our monthly stop to allegan antique show. i just love the organic essence of this vendor's booth.

 i am thinking it's the same talented gal i've been stalking with my photos for quite some time, but she was located in a different section of the fairgrounds this time, so i can't be rightly sure, but either way, i loved it all. 

her plantings and displays reminds me of my favorite holland farmer's market gal who sells topiaries and jewelry there on saturday mornings. if you frequent the market, you know the one. amazing stuff. 

in the out-of doors, in the bright sunshine this booth was so artistic and earthy. to bring some of these rusty pieces home, you'd need the right space to pull it off. unfortunately, my hundred year old bungalow is already chipped up, well worn and aged, so any accessories i bring that have the same qualities, make the space look messy and unkempt, however, if i ever get the screen porch of my dreams, i would outfit it with treasures like this: 

caught a glimpse of this rustic barnboard with "love" spelled out with mixed media. need to make one of these babies soon.

another vendor that i didn't recognize toward the back of the park had a beautiful vignette of shabby chic items and lots of vintage furniture and linens. the gorgeous sunny day was a perfect backdrop to show off her cottage style wares.

it was probably the best day weather wise that we've ever had in the last 10 years of visiting the market. good consolation for the fact that we walked away with only a few inexpensive accessories to resell in my booth. 
we did however, hit one of usual furniture 'resale' shops on the way home that day and managed to load up the van with an armoire, an amazing desk that needs refurbishing, legs for a table that ken will build and a small end table. 

now to find the time and motivation to start working on them. :)

i'm excited that june is here and that working in my garage/workshop doesn't require a propane heater and 5 layers of clothing anymore. 

hope your projects are coming along nicely. i'll post a few more of mine next time. see you then.


babs said...

I think I know the gal you are speaking of....her booth is awesome. I thik she is the one that was up near the bulldings last year. I looked for her in April but didn't see her. She does a great job! Nice photos. I didn't make it this time....darn.

Have fun with your finds!

The Changing Room said...

Yes, i think it is that same girl that was up near the front last year. Isn't she great? Let me know if you make it there next month and if you find anything good!

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