Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spring Scrapbook

So sorry I haven't posted as frequently lately. You Champs deserve better! I've missed you!  

I've been busy springing full swing into spring. Here's a brief scrapbook of what I've been up to this past month:

Hosting family birthday parties:

Shopping for clients:

 Attending end of the year school celebrations:

 Planting Flowers:

 Biking to the Beach and enjoying Michigan Sunsets:

 Being  my niece Danika's special VIP guest in her kindergarten classroom!
 best. day. ever.
Staging my booth at Not So Shabby:
Working at Not So Shabby:

 Remodeling client's bedrooms:


Making Custom signs:

and so much more, like hitting Allegan Antiques this past Sunday, (next blog post), and having fun spending time on the water with my new stand up paddle board! 

Thanks to those of you who commented on my last post regarding my mini kitchen remodel. I'd love to post pics of some of the projects you're working on. Send them to my email at christyboeve@yahoo.com and I'll upload some here. 

I know many of you are heading outside for the summer season and all interior projects come to a screeching halt (as do mine), but if you need any direction with color selections, accessorizing, staging or purchasing, let me know. I cut back my hours in the summer, but I'm here if you need me!

Wait until you see some inspiration for springtime vignettes- next blog post. My favorite vendor was back at Allegan Antiques and it was eye candy, let me tell you. Come back here to check it out soon. 
Enjoy the short work week!



babs said...

Wished I was in Allegan...had to miss it darn! Can't wait to see your eye candy!

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