Monday, April 29, 2013

Annual Allegan Antique Fair

 Can't believe it's that time of year again.....time for Allegan Antiques!  This past Sunday, we made the first of our monthly road trips down to Allegan to check out the vendors who've been stocking up on their wares all winter. This Antique show takes place on the last Sunday of every month from April to October. (8 AM -4:00 PM).

Gas-a-chinos in hand, empty van and full wallets ensured that Murphy's Law would be in full effect. We came back with nothin'! It was a swing and a miss!  We didn't even spot ONE garage sale on the way there or back (and truth be told, that's where we usually score).

Oh well, we still had fun looking and snapping a few pictures of our favorite booths.

 This was the booth where I snagged my big letter "B" last year that is hanging on the landing in our basement.
 Primitive dresser with original paint.
 Lots of vintage kitchen accessories and 'smalls'.
 Some of the booths are so beautiful. Staged to look like outdoor rooms. That's fun for me to see.
 I'm always drawn to wire baskets. I passed these up but thought they were neat for office shelves.

 Lots of mason jars in all sizes.
 I love architectural salvage pieces. This booth is always one of my favorites. Rubarb Reign.
 With Saturday being so gorgeous, we kinda pictured Sunday to pan out the same way. Not so much. It was wet and a little chilly but that didn't deter the crowds at all! 
It was a fun morning of browsing.  Saw a few of you Champs there too braving the elements. That's always a highlight as well.
Side table made out of a window. Might have to replicate this piece soon. :)

As always...shameless plug for my business this time of year. As you dig through your personal treasures while spring cleaning, or prepping for garage sales, please keep me in mind. I have been known to barter, buy or freely accept your cast offs! :)
(windows, barn wood, linens, doors, shutters, etc)
Or...if you don't want to part with any treasures, book a consult this spring to figure out how to give them new life. Now is the time to wrap up those lingering projects that have dragged on too long this winter. Let me know if you need a  productive kick in the pants to help you finish. :)
Email me at to schedule a home consult.

Happy Spring Cleaning!


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