Monday, May 6, 2013

Story People and Signs

Love this.

Thank you Abigail for introducing me to "Story People" artwork. 
I bought this one below for my daughter Brecken, who if I were being completely honest, sometimes has to remind me that I don't tell her enough how proud I am that she is mine. 

I am. So proud.

 But also so busy. And selfish. And focused. And preoccupied. And crabby. And tired. And distracted.
When I saw this print that Abby was selling, I actually teared up a bit out of guilt.
Time is just flying by much too quickly and after reading the quote, I was reminded  of the (broken) promise I made to myself as a mom that I would tell my girls, EVERY night that I am proud of who they are. 

Hoping these last 5 years of "in house" parenting will be ones in which my words and my actions speak daily about how proud I am that these girls are mine.
And that I get a little quieter about the 'other stuff' and a little louder about my affection for them.
Here's one I want to purchase next:

Okay, enough reminiscing tonight. Onto the nitty gritty of my last couple of weeks:
Here's a sign order to beat all sign orders:
THIS IS the stack of cardstock that would become this:

Exacto knife in hand and away I went:
This is only 1/100th of the pile!

Here's the blank thin sheet of wood before it was framed. 3 feet by 5 feet.

Here's the stencils spaced and placed:

I actually made two of these after taking so much time to cut the one, which was a custom order, (and grossly under-quoting the job)! :) Have to sell another to make up for lost time and profits. Tee Hee!
Here's another sign we did this week for a client.

They are actually metal letters mounted on a distressed piece of pine board. She ordered the letters from "Heavy Metals 123" online and I painted them green to compliment the bedding in her guest room.

Check out the etsy site. Waaayyy cool!

Here are some other examples:

  • Rustic Metal Letters 4 inch tall
Hoping you're enjoying this (finally) beautiful Michigan weather and that you're being "LOUD" about loving your family and others, and less loud about the "other stuff". :)
See ya back here soon.


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