Sunday, November 25, 2012

gIvE ThAnKs.

"Remember that wealth lies not in the extent of possesions but in the fewness of wants."

can't remember where i read it, or who said it, but i want to believe it!

(now, more than ever after celebrating thanksgiving with my wonderful family and giving thanks to God who continues to amaze me with his grace and generosity, both of which i don't deserve)!

i am embarressed, even ashamed to admit that i get the 'gimmie's' far too often-even at thanksgiving!!! 

just today, i needed a pep talk after comparing my little bungalow to yet another beautiful new house that i walked that was cleaner, newer, brighter, fancier, and just much better than mine. (sorry, kw, i loved it that much)!

i hated feeling the way i did. i wished i could make it stop. but i couldn't. at least for a couple of hours i couldn't. so i did what i do best.

i pouted a little. (maybe a lot).

and i lived a little in the regret of past choices, purchases and mistakes.

and then i got a pep talk from these two:

and i'd like to report to you that my comparisons, competitiveness, and 'crusty' attitude went away immediately, but it took another hour or so of walking through my own little abode singing an old sunday school favorite, "count my them one by one....count my blessings.....see what God has done". 

it didn't help that on our family getway this week up north where this picture was snapped, i made ken slow the van down so i could snap pics of these beautiful houses along the lake michigan shoreline in charlevoix.  here's a sample of the torture i put myself through:

(Wasn't sure if this was a house or a hotel)? :)

Check out the front door that is framed by vintage doors on a barnstyle track. drool.

Cool garage and transom windows:

and then just to cheer myself up a little, i took a picture of this little bungalow that reminded me of my often 'picked on baby'.

we truly weren't being materialistic the whole time. we enjoyed the sights of charlevoix and were able to appreciate spending time together.
but sometimes my gut and my heart just hurt when i act this way. unappreciative. envious. bitter.

it's unbecoming on me and i must stop. but it's not easy.  job hazard i guess.

we had a great message at church this morning (ironic?) that addressed the issue of God 'chiseling' us into His own image.

it's a painful process-one that i'm somewhat familiar with and i cried through the entire video that was shown referencing the chiseling.

i feel that today. the slow and tedious chipping away of all the unimportant things that i deem so important. the things that i think define me.

i'm an approval addict, so this task of chiseling is especially brutal for someone like me.

i've earned my nickname from ken, "shallow gal". :) (said in the most loving way).

chumps....didn't mean to unload on you tonight. just wanted to confess to you that sometimes i get a little jealous of your beautiful spaces. your storage rooms. your new kitchen flooring.

and i need to step back and remind myself that even when i had all those things and more....i'd never been sadder.

i have what i need. and it is enough. and it so much more than some. (how come that doesn't cheer me up in the moment)? :)

i know you can relate chumps.  maybe not about houses. or pretty lamps. or new furniture. but other stuff. you've told me so.  and it makes me feel connected to you... job perk i guess. :)
thank you for allowing me to be imperfect. and real. 
i will try to always do the same for you. we chumps have to stick together, you know.

i've got my work cut out for me ...  Chisel. Chisel. Scrape. Scrape.


Jay DeKleine said...
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Anonymous said...

I love you Aunt Christy :) And your home is one of the most beautiful homes I have been in. Not b/c it's disgustingly cute all the time lol, but b/c of the amazing family that lives there. :)

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